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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tenth house Mars and what does it mean for you. Leo and Virgo ascendants

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Mars becomes the lord of the fourth and the ninth houses. Simultaneous lordship of a Kendra and Trikon house raises him to the level of a Yog Karak. If strong, Mars gives high quality affluence and power during his sub periods. Such a native also gains from real estate. There are gains from father as well. A weak Mars causes early death of father. An afflicted Mars also denotes trouble in the scrotum of father as Mars becomes the lord of the eighth house and eighth sign from the house of father.

Mars in the tenth house gives political success, high status, fame and power. One is generous and large hearted. Such a person destroys enemies and becomes famous. One earns much wealth and enjoys every comfort.

Mars in tenth house gives a rough body, and makes one unusually sensual. One likes magic and sports, and is selfish, unprincipled, and influenced by women. His domestic life is unhappy.

Afflicted fourth lord causes loss of social respect.

Tenth house Mars also gives an interest in chemicals and their use, and can make one an expert chemist.


Mars owns the third and the eighth houses. Both are houses of longevity. A strong Mars therefore gives good longevity. However these are houses of obstacles and poverty as well so a strong Mars will give utter poverty.

Mars placed in Gemini in the tenth gives all sorts of vices in youth as well as a violent mind. This happens as Mars aspects both house of Mercury – a planet which represents intellect.

For Virgo Lagna, Mars in the 10th house gives a quarrelsome and faithless spouse. Otherwise, Mars gives favorable results. One is happy and intelligent and becomes affluent. One gains from journeys connected to profession. This placement of Mars makes one a good communicator. Younger brother/s shines well and is helpful to him.

Mars in the tenth house for Virgo ascendant gives splendor, a loving family and children. One is learned and can endure adversity. He is also well versed in politics. Such a person is ambitious, rash, quick and ingenious. He is skilled in music and fine arts.

The rise in life is slow. There are obstacles, and one’s merits go unnoticed. He may finally resort to use deceit and unrighteous methods to attain his ends.

If the second lord is afflicted, one may be involved in huge debts and be unable to pay them back. One may be forced to declare bankruptcy and suffer humiliation.

The eighth lord placed in 6, 8, 12 houses in Navamsa chart greatly reduces the problem. Eighth lord in the tenth house may give an unexpected legacy on account of the death of elders or superiors. 

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