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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tenth house Mars and what it means for you Gemini and Cancer

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For Gemini Lagna (ascendant) Mars becomes the lord of the sixth and eleventh houses. Both are the houses of injury. Mars therefore becomes a potent Marak (killer). If Mars aspects a house, house lord and the Karak for that house, the body part connected to that house will become injured or will be surgically operated upon. The other characteristics of that house will also be injured.

Since Aries falls in the eleventh house, it becomes the ascendant for the elder brother. If a Bhav and Bhav lord are both afflicted due to any reason, the elder brother will have disease in that part. E.g. the first house will show head injury, second the face, third the lungs and bronchial tube etc.

Mars is inherently violent by nature. His lord ship of the sixth house of violence makes him even more violent. A further measure of violence is added by virtue of his lord ship of the eleventh house (sixth from sixth). If by any chance his alter ego Ketu occupies the sixth or eleventh house, Mars becomes extremely violent. The extent to which the Lagna Lord, Moon and fourth lords as well as lagna and the fourth house are under the influence of this Mars will determine how violent the native is.

Mars if placed strongly in the 10th house indicates a destructive nature. The person is extremely self seeking and will do anything (even resort to violence) to attain his objectives. He poses as an orthodox and pious man but really is unscrupulous in regard to religion and spirituality. Such a person is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A strong Mars bestows notable success in business. The elder brother is helpful to him. One may earn some prize money for original contribution to his subject of study or profession.

If Mars is weak, he gives dismissal through powerful enemies in professional life.


Mars owns the fifth and tenth houses and so becomes a Yog Karak for this Lagna (cancer ascendant). A strong Mars gives wealth and power. One rises high because of his intellect, logical thinking and ability to give sound advice. He also commands respect and honor.

A strong Mars in the tenth house gives landed property. One earns the goodwill of the ruling class, constructs temples and performs religious services. One of his sons becomes a gem of the family. Aspect of Sun on Mars connects him to intelligence and espionage.

Strong Mars also gives remarkable successful in one’s profession.

A weak Mars gives problems due to progeny and stomach related problems. One  is fickle minded, and  has no self respect. He asks for favors and is dependent upon others all his life.   

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