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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tenth house Mars and what does it mean for you – Sagittarius and Capricorn ascendants

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Mars rules over the fifth and twelfth houses but mainly gives results of the fifth house. A strong Mars gives a good amount of wealth.

Mars completely represents the son or daughter in this case. Any affliction to Mars will show as a disease in the progeny. The limb affected will depend upon the placement of Mars and the house he is placed. Similarly if in the horoscope, any one planet is extremely weak and afflicted, it denotes a disease in that organ of the son over which that planet has ruler ship. For example any affliction to Venus will show as some problem connected to face.

Mars in the tenth house for Sagittarius ascendant gives a Raj Yoga. One acquires landed property, earns the goodwill of the ruling class, constructs temples and performs religious services. One of the children achieves enviable fame and stature. Aspect of Sun will connect him to intelligence and espionage. Affliction to Mars gives troubles caused by ruling class.

Such a person is self confident, worthy of honor, learned, indiscriminate, deceptive, boastful and little or no marital harmony. He is a charming speaker and is fond of bathing, dressing up and looking splendid at all times.

Mars makes one materialistic, ceremony minded and fond of participating in Yagya etc. He is a land owner and has fear from enemies.


Mars becomes the fourth and eleventh house lord. If strong he becomes instrumental in the acquisition of property and gains there from. As lord of the house of mind and ideas, Mars also creates an angry mind. Such a person flares up at very little provocation.

Aries falling in the fourth house completely represents the mother and if a planet is weak and afflicted there is problem in that limb of the mother of the individual over which the afflicted planet has lordship. A strong Mars indicates long life for the mother of the native. Opposite is also true.

The influences on Mars, the fourth lord (lagna for the mother) and the eleventh lord (eighth from fourth or the house of longevity of the mother) will determine the mode of death of mother)

Mars in the tenth house gives political and professional success. One earns well and becomes wealthy. There is a keen interest in chemistry, and one may be an expert chemist. Such a person destroys enemies and becomes famous. Afflicted fourth lord causes loss of social respect.

Mars gives a tall and well built body as well as a fair complexion. He also gives self confidence and soaring ambition. Such a person is kind, gentle, boastful and deceived by women. His speaking ability is good.

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