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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to spot problems created by weak planets and eliminate them Part XV – Saturn

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Continuation of the previous Blog. . . . . . .

In the previous Blog we talked about the results of weak Saturn in twelve signs. In the current article we shall discuss the outcome of Saturn in twelve houses.
  • Weak Saturn placed in the first house gives disease, body discomfort, sorrow and a harried life.
  • In the second house, Saturn gives frequent change of residence and/or profession. There May be some defect connected to the mouth. One has poor relationship with subordinates.
  • In the third house Saturn causes friction with family members and mental tension due to their careless and uncooperative attitude.
  • Fourth house Saturn causes restricted circulation of blood in the arteries and heart. Unwanted body hair also cause embarrassment.
  • Saturn placed in the fifth house causes sudden flare up of anger. Saturn is a separatist planet and his placement in the 5th house creates the possibility of a retarded child and consequent problems there from.
  • In the sixth house Saturn gives unrestricted libido and voracious appetite. One is constantly harassed by enemies and does not get any help from extended family. Problems due to over eating and obesity make life difficult.
  • Seventh house Saturn indicates a careless attitude towards appropriate clothes. One dresses as he likes with little regard towards accepted norms. Such a Saturn also gives obstacles in marriage, and sexual relationships are hindered by a disease connected to sex organs.
  • In the eighth house Saturn gives sexually transmitted diseases. One starts new projects with great fanfare but slowly loses interest.
  • Saturn in the ninth house causes a rift with father. Spirituality and religion take a back seat for such an individual. Such a person does not know the meaning of showing respect to elderly people.
  • Placed in the tenth house Saturn causes a rift with superiors. Migraine and mental problems continually bother him. In laws are source of embarrassment and losses.
  • Saturn in the eleventh house gives little or no respect in Paternal and maternal uncles’ houses. Relations with sister in law are not smooth.
  • Twelfth house Saturn gives a person utterly defeated by his expenses. He is a blunt man and suffers because of it. Sleep is uncontrolled and untimely. Comforts of the bed are lessened by this placement.

In the next Blog we tackle the remedial measures........

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