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Friday, April 2, 2010

How to spot problems caused by weak planets and eliminate them Part VII - Mercury

It is quite likely that in any horoscope one or more planets will be placed in houses where they do not give favorable results. The degree of the adverse results will depend upon the strength of a planet and the houses owned by it. In this multi part article we shall take a look at Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, and discuss appropriate remedial measures. In this seventh article, we take a look at Mercury.

In Hindu astrology, Mercury is the planet of intellect. He rules over knowledge, speech, intelligence and cognitive abilities. Talents of problem solving and self expression also stem from Mercury. 

Mercury rules over skin, and his affliction with malefic planets like Mars, Rahu and Ketu causes some skin related disease. Weak Mercury brings about weak intellect and speech defects.

Mercury represents commerce and trade. Any weakness connected to Mercury makes one a poor businessman and an inadequate accountant.

Mercury represents Lord Vishnu and is intimately connected to Dhanishtha Nakshatra and the twelfth Tithi (Lunar Date). If the lunar date is the twelfth, and Moon occupies Dhanishtha Nakshatra, Mercury becomes powerful. 

Mercury is the only planet who retains his strength for day and night births. Mercury gives results in consonance with the planets he is placed with. His results are favorable with benefic planets and unfavorable with malefic ones. 

Weakness of Mercury can seriously impinge on the abilities connected to acting, arts, architecture, writing, accounting, speaking, intelligence, worldliness, singing and having a jovial nature.

Mercury and Leo
Mercury has a special relationship with Leo Ascendant. He becomes the lord of the second as well as the eleventh house. Both represent money. The second house represents accumulated wealth while the eleventh house rules over financial income. Any weakness of Mercury for Leo Ascendant therefore becomes very telling on their financial situation.

Mercury and Sun 
Mercury is always very close to Sun and that is why in most of the horoscopes he appears to be Ast or combust. This has no bearing on the strength of Mercury, and is one more instance of how Mercury behaves differently than other planets. 

There are two ways in which Mercury can become Ast. It can happen when he is retrograde and is ahead of Sun in degrees. In this case he gets Cheshtabal and gives good results. (all planets when ahead of Sun give better results due to Cheshtabal)

The other way for Mercury to become Ast is when he is in direct motion and is close to earth. Planets close to earth always give beret results, so either way Mercury remains insulated from the limitations of combustion or being Ast.

Mercury in Neech Rashi
Mercury becomes Neech in Meen Rashi (Pisces). His relationship with Jupiter is neutral and so his being Neech does not impact very heavily on his ability to give favorable results.

Mercury in Cancer
Mercury is inimical to Moon. His favorable or unfavorable results are dependent on her strength. A person born with Mercury in cancer on a full Moon day will not suffer appreciably from this placement of Mercury. A person born with Mercury in cancer on a no Moon’s day will suffer some what more.

Mercury in the signs of different planets
Mercury in the two signs of Mars – Aries and Scorpio – makes an individual cunning and quarrelsome.

In Taurus and Libra, Mercury gives a tendency to be extravagant. He also gives being a little slow on the uptake in matters connected to profession and gains. 

In Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is happy in his own signs. This results in such individuals being very fond of listening to their own praise. They usually go beyond their capacity to help other people and suffer because of it. Their overly talkative nature creates obstacles for them. They chatter nonstop and are compulsive talkers. 

Mercury in cancer causes problems due to brothers. The relationship with the opposite sex is a matter of despondency for such people. One is busy all the time in chores that are not necessary. One fritters away time.

Mercury in Leo causes inability to perform on promises given earlier. The reputation consequently suffers. One may suffer from loss of memory and some speech and hearing impediment also. One may also become agitated easily and be in conflict with extended family.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Pisces makes a person a gentle man and a kind soul. This becomes their bane as well. They suffer because of their goodness. They are wonderful financial advisors but suffer penury themselves.

In Capricorn and Aquarius, Mercury bestows intelligence and gentlemanliness. However such people are not very lucky and their capabilities are hijacked by unscrupulous people for their own gains.

In 3,6,12 houses, Mercury creates hesitation, sadness and fear. In the seventh house he reduces marital happiness.

To be continued . . . . .

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