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Friday, April 9, 2010

How to spot problems caused by weak planets and eliminate them Part X- Jupiter

Free Vedic astrology article. Continuation of my previous Blog. . .

Results of Jupiter in different signs

Jupiter becomes exalted in Cancer, and generally gives good results. There is however a down side to it as well. If Jupiter goes in a Navansh of Saturn – either Capricorn or Aquarius, or associates with a weak planet, he becomes the cause of a major health issue. If sun, Mars or Saturn influence Jupiter in Cancer, the extent of suffering increases.

Jupiter in Leo generally causes less than robust health. He also gives excessive anger and abrasive language which becomes the cause of much unhappiness. If such a Jupiter is influenced by Mars and/or Saturn, the above mentioned tendencies get aggravated even further. In such cases the enemies are generally hidden, and cause damage from within.

In Libra, Jupiter loses his judicious nature and perceptive abilities. Such a person is overly trusting, believes others easily and suffers because of it. His advisors are schemers and make fun of him behind his back. Relationships with the opposite sex suffer from disharmony and lack of affection.

Scorpio Jupiter makes one a showoff. Such persons take excessive pride in spending beyond their means on social and religious functions. They also suffer because of it.

Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces generally gives good results. However if Mars, Saturn or sun influence Jupiter, the person is a warrior of the pen and likes litigation, and debates.

Jupiter in Capricorn becomes Neech (depleted of his good qualities) and if this is not cancelled by other planets placed elsewhere in the chart, cause many problems for the individual. Neech Jupiter causes lack of faith, little success despite much effort and inability to think things through. Lack of discrimination and incapacity to control one’s temper causes complications. One suffers from lack of happiness and harmony in life and his relations with the extended family are poor. Neech Jupiter also causes marital problems and this is especially true of women born with Virgo ascendant. Such women will also experience denial of children or separation from them.

If Capricorn Jupiter is in the Navansh of Aquarius, Aries or Taurus, the things mentioned above become more aggravated.

Propitiation of Jupiter

Worship of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Sun pleases Jupiter. He is the embodiment of Dharma or mental virtue. The best way to make him happy is to develop qualities of a strong character, truthfulness and being helpful to others.

Every Thursday, offer rice colored with Turmeric, yellow flowers, banana and sandalwood to Jupiter, and Donate Chana Dal, Ungrounded Turmeric and turmeric colored rice to less privileged people.

Every Purnima (full Moon day) observe a fast and listen to Satyanarayan Katha.

Brihsapati Stotra is an excellent way to please Jupiter. It is given below.
Rituals to promote prosperity
Since Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, it is only natural that his weakness will result in poor finances. The following Mantra chanted ten times everyday will remedy the situation.

प्रणो यच्छत्वर्यमा प्र भगः प्र बृहस्पतिः
प्र देवी प्रोत सूनृता रयिं देवी दधातु मे।।
सोमं राजानमवसे अग्निं गीर्भिर्हवामहे।
आदित्यं विष्णुं सूर्यं ब्रह्माणं च बृहस्पतिम् ।।


The English language does not have the intonations that Sanskrit has and so suffers because of it. It will be an excellent idea to get the original Sanskrit text of this mantra and chant that. The above is given only as an identifier.

Daily recitation of Vishnu Sahastranam with a prefix of the following Mantra for every Shlok helps sagging finances quickly.

आपदामहर्तारम् दातारं सर्व सम्पदाम्
लोकाभिरामं श्री रामं भूयो भूयो नमाम्यहं


This is a Shlok from Ram Raksha Kavach which in itself is an excellent remedy for every problem.

Jupiter Yantra
Have this grid etched or engraved on gold plate and wear it as a locket. It can also be engraved on a gold


Guru (Jupiter) Mantra


It should be chanted 28 or 108 times everyday.

Other remedies for Jupiter
Float almonds and coconut in running water.

Offer water to Peepal tree every Thursday and Saturday while chanting the Guru mantra given above.

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