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Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to spot problems caused by weak planets and eliminate them Part IX- Jupiter

Vedic astrology considers Jupiter as the most powerful benefic planet amongst all nine planets. This view is now being accepted by modern science. It recognizes the fact that due to his very large size, Jupiter attracts many heavenly bodies and prevents these from slamming into the earth.

A powerful Jupiter is a great boon in any horoscope. If he is placed in benefic houses and associated with benefic planets he makes life easy. Jupiter represents knowledge, wisdom, happiness, prosperity, fame, respect and social status. It must be remembered that though Jupiter gives wealth and prosperity, it is usually not of a very high quality. Stupendous wealth usually comes through one or more Vipreet Raj Yog forming in the chart. To understand Jupiter better let us take an example of our country. The prime minister of India is a powerful man for the duration of his term of office and has more power than the wealthiest man. This is the kind of status and power (and prosperity) Jupiter gives. He doesn’t really make a man a tycoon.

What Jupiter really gives is purity of mind, thoughts and actions. He also gives freedom from many unfavorable Yog forming in the chart by destroying their negativity. It is said that just as a single lion scatters a herd of elephants, so also Jupiter placed powerfully in a Kendra Sthan (quadrant) destroys all problems occurring elsewhere in the horoscope.

Jupiter is powerful in Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. His favorite Nakshatra are Pushya, Magha, Anuradha, Shatbhijaj and Revati. In Vishakha Nakshatra he makes a person extraordinarily courageous, (and mostly stupidly so)

Jupiter is a massive planet and gives a detached outlook about life. He prefers to remain aloof from greed, avarice and unbridled desires. It is for this reason that Jupiter brings about a detached attitude from all things represented by the house in which he sits. In 11th and second houses one gets all monetary benefits from Jupiter but such a person will not make extraordinary efforts to make money, neither will he expect any help from his family or friends.

Jupiter in signs of different planets

In Aries Jupiter creates overt and covert enemies. People really close to the native create harm for him. Unwanted expenses pursue such an individual relentlessly. One also suffers from cuts, injuries and skin diseases. Naturally such a person has a short fuse. If Jupiter is associated with Mars, Mercury or Saturn, there is a tendency to use crooked methods.

In Taurus, Jupiter can give a long term disease. He also gives unhappiness due to the life partner. This happens because for Taurus ascendant Jupiter owns the 8th and the 11th houses. His lordship of the 8th house makes him incapable of giving any sizable financial benefit. It also negatively impacts the seventh house of marriage because from the 11th house Jupiter’s 9th aspect falls there. It must be remembered that Jupiter is primarily the 8th lord here.

In Gemini or Virgo, Jupiter becomes the lord of two Kendra Sthan (quadrants) and therefore suffers from Kendra Adhipatya Yog. His results are therefore unfavorable. One does not enjoy good relationship with colleagues as well as life partner, spouse etc. Jupiter in these signs also causes losses in a partnership. If Mars associates with Jupiter, skin diseases become a norm.

To be continued . . . . . . .

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