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Friday, April 23, 2010

How to spot problems cause by weak planets and eliminate them Part – XI – Venus

Venus written and pronounced as “waynus” in Sanskrit language means beautiful. Latin along with hundred of other Sanskrit words has plagiarized this one as well without even a thank you.

The Sanskrit name of this planet is Shukra and signifies glitter, sophistication, high fashion, perfumes and cosmetics. Venus also signifies knowledge, wisdom and happiness. Other attributes of Venus are sex, sensuality, desires and wants. She is the prime representative of male sperms. It is for this reason that weak and/or afflicted Venus causes unhappiness in relationships with the opposite sex.

Placement of Venus in a horoscope gives a clear indication of libido, reproductive strength, and expertise in love making. It also tells a lot about the availability of wholesome and nutritious food. Luxuries, comforts, social status and expensive vehicles are all gifts of a well placed Venus.

So important is Venus in daily life that during the days she is Ast or set, no marriage or auspicious ceremony can take place.

Results of Venus in various signs

Venus placed in Aries in Bharani Nakshatra generally causes an excessive attraction towards the opposite sex. Eyesight suffers and one opposes everything.

Venus in Taurus in the first half of Mrigshira gives an extravagant person who is always short of funds. Some of their pet expenditures are frowned upon by society.

Venus in Gemini gives an abnormal libido. Such a person will go to extraordinary lengths to get sexual satisfaction. The net result is unhappiness in sexual relations.

Venus in Cancer gives addiction to drugs. One also suffers due to wrong decisions taken by ancestors.

Venus in Leo gives a careless attitude and weak eyesight. One also suffers from lack of self confidence.

Venus becomes Neech in Virgo. Such a person has liaison with women of ill repute. Venus here also reduces happiness and sexual satisfaction. Eyes, ear, nose and throat related diseases never leave the person.

Venus in Libra is in her own house and generally gives good results. There is exhaustion due to over work and one spends long periods away from home. One’s dressing sense is often at variance with the prevalent trends.

Venus in Scorpio causes extreme jealously, crafty nature, indebtedness, rudeness towards women and sexually transmitted diseases.

Venus in Sagittarius gives person who is famous only because of the family connections. S/he seldom has a striking accomplishment of her own. One has many opponents and suffers on account of vehicles and livestock.

Venus in Capricorn in the case of men causes one to suffer losses due to liaison with a woman much advanced in years than him. Heart trouble and unclean behavior are some other problems connected to this placement.

Venus in Aquarius general gives an agitated mind and general failure in life. One does not get along well with neighbors.

In Pisces which is her sign of exaltation, Venus generally gives very good results. If conjunct with a malefic planet a long duration illness of a non serious nature can happen.

To be continued . . . . . . . .

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