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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zodiac horoscope for Monday, 08 March 2010 for you.

Free horoscope For Monday, 08 March 2010. These free horoscope readings are based on the movements of nine planets, and are linked to your Moon Rashi. It is the Rashi or zodiac sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. These will not work for solar signs. If you do not know your Moon sign, please write to providing your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM. Ditto If you want to know more about your individual horoscope. Vedic astrology is highly accurate so it is worth the effort.


You are blessed with mental peace and domestic happiness. An elevation in status and accomplishment of desired objectives is indicated. Poor digestion or a sore throat may bother you.
The tide has finally turned for you. Financial gains, successful short journeys, sexual fulfillment and sumptuous food are all yours. The day also brings mental peace and happiness.
Generally a very favorable day which might be marred by your tendency to argue needlessly. Maintain peace with loved ones and every one else that you come into contact with.
Money, health, fame and happiness are all heading north. Mental peace and an opportunity  to meet some one interesting of the opposite sex is likely.
You enjoy an easy day with no obstacles.
Keep a low profile and take care of your expenses. Low vitality and a strong possibility of a spat with your partner exists. Driving needs extra care and full focus on the traffic.
The back drop of comfortable life is colored by an unsteady mind and the consequent possibility of saying things that can make other people bristle. If you watch what you speak, this day can turn out to be quite favorable.
A comfortable and productive day that brings gains of every kind. Opposite sex provides happiness. A nagging tension is best ignored.
You may feel discontentment despite comfortable finances. This can spill over into personal relationships and cause damage there. In your hurry to do things you may try and bend the law. That will come to bite back a little later.
Happiness, contentment, sumptuous food and happiness through the company of the opposite sex are all foretold by this day. Your friends need your support and help and you should not deny them that.
The general situation is comfortable, but you may feel below par due to some health issues. It would be a good idea to spend some time reading what you like best. 

All kinds of gains are possible and that includes those connected to new business and new friends. Opposite sex causes happiness. Women can be a source of gain. Stock trading can yield handsome profits.
Happiness, attainment of desired goals and general prosperity are the gifts of this day. You may feel a little out of sorts though. This might be connected to a quarrel that you didn’t want but was thrust upon you.

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  1. Dear Astrologer, You have really posted very great information regarding vedic astrology and other aspects of Indian astrology. Thanks for sharing.


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