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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meditation – What, Why, How and When Part V

Continuation of the previous Blog. . . . . . . . .

It is important not to lean on the elbows otherwise they begin to ache after a while. The idea is to close the ears without straining the elbows and shoulders.
When this is accomplished keep focusing on the third eye. It is Okay to dispense with the Hong-Sau chant at this point. Breath evenly and start a chant of Aum.
The Aum Chant needs to be done mentally. Scriptures tell us that Aum is a very high frequency sound and can not be reproduced by our speech system. It can only be imitated. What we aim to do during meditation is to tune in to the all pervading Aum sound and merge our consciousness into it.
Hindu philosophy talks about loud chanting, in which there is an audible sound heard by everyone in the vicinity. Most hymns and mantra chanting falls in this category. This followed by whisper chanting in which no sound comes out of the mouth but the lips move to form the words of the chant. The third type of chanting is the mental chant in which the mind focuses on the mantra or a seed sound and becomes one with it. This becoming one with the mantra can happen only, when one reaches the state of super-consciousness. This is that wonderful and beatific state of existence when body is absolutely still and mind is at one with the universe.
Compared to the left ear, the right ear has more energy available to it. It is for this reason that the right ear is more sensitive to sounds than the left one. A dying man has the hearing ability in the right ear available until the very end.
When we shut off the sounds by pressing Tragi against the outer ear and focus the gaze on the third eye, we first hear the sounds of our body. The heartbeat and sound of blood flowing through the body is clearly heard. We need to focus on this sound and slowly it will be replaced by other sounds of the lungs, diaphragm and stomach etc. After a period of time, the duration of which is determined by the intensity of our effort, we can hear the musical sounds emanating from the seven cerebro-spinal centers or chakras.
The five lower Chakras control the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The frequency of these different sounds is distinct and can be clearly heard by a meditating person. The first Chakra called Mooladhar or earth center produces the sound of bumblebee. The second called Swadhishsthan or water center has a sound like a flute. The Manipur or fire center has a sound resembling a harp. The Vishuddh Chakra emanates a sound of rushing waters. The symphony of these sounds is together heard as the roar of Aum.
This admittedly is not easy. One has to first get over the sounds of the physical body and then of the astral body before one can hear the sound of Aum.
Some lucky people will accomplish this process rather early because of the good Karma brought forward from the past lives. Some others will take a little longer.
How to know if one has achieved the goal?
When one hears the sound of Aum, the body vibrates like a huge drum. One hears the roar of an ocean. There is complete bliss and one can hear the cosmic music of the universe.
It is quite possible that one may hear the roar of the ocean or the drum sound right away. If that happens just merge yourself with the vibration and become one with the creator of the universe.
Benefits of contacting Aum
Wondrous things happen when mind becomes super-conscious. All desires can be satisfied and actions performed using mind power alone. One does not need the agency of the human body to perform actions. Seemingly impossible feats can be performed through mind power alone.
Contacting Aum also enables the mind to unwaveringly focus on any subject whether physical, mental or spiritual and immediately know the real truth behind it. This is not done through intellectual process, it just happens. One becomes omniscient.


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