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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to spot problems caused by weak planets and eliminate them Part VI – Mars

I have mentioned earlier that Mars’s aspect on the fifth house does not allow easy conception and delivery. To get over this problem one must get hold of Shri Surya Uvaach and do the following.
If despite there being no problems with the reproductive system, a pregnancy fails to occur, the woman desiring conception should wait for her menstruation period to end, and on that day at the time of sunset, after a shower wear clean clothes. She should hold a tumbler (preferably copper) of water in her hands and chant the Shri Surya Uvaach Stotra seven times while facing the setting Sun. She should then drink that energized water. A pregnancy will occur after a while. This process should continue even after pregnancy and childbirth for a year. This puts a shield around the mother and child that saves them from all harm. 
Surya UvaachStotra
Remedy for Manglik Dosh
If the affliction to the seventh house, its lord and Jupiter in a girl’s horoscope is severe, one can safely assume that the marriage is heading towards widowhood. In such cases it is advised that the girl be first married to Lord Vishnu or to Varun. This is a real marriage and is conducted with complete Vedic rituals. A pitcher of water represents Varun the God of water. This removes the obstacles caused by Mars and leads to marital happiness.

Mangal Chandika Stotra
Mangal Chandika Dhyan, Mantra and Stuti are mentioned in Bramhavaivarta Puran, under Narayan Naradiya. If a girl has Manglik Dosh in her chart, She should chant the Dhyan Mantra and then offer red flowers and two fruits to the Goddess.
Follow by chanting this mantra 108 times.

After this is done the main Stuti should be chanted. The complete chant is given below.

Mars can be pacified by adding red sandal wood to the bath water or by adding leaves and/or fruit of Bel tree. 
Blood red Coral or white Coral
Copper pot, wheat, Masoor Dal, red flowers and Ghee.

This brings to a close the remedial measures for Mars. In the next Blog Mercury.
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