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Friday, March 19, 2010

How to spot problems caused by weak planets and eliminate them Part II

Free Vedic astrology article on weak planets in a horoscope.

It is quite likely that in any horoscope one or more planets will be placed in houses where they do not give favorable results. The degree of the adverse results will depend upon the strength of a planet and the houses owned by it. In this multi part article we shall take a look at Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, and discuss appropriate remedial measures. In this second article we discuss the Moon.

Moon becomes Neech (loses her goodness) in Scorpio. If this is not cancelled by the placement of other planets in the horoscope, there will be problems connected to all areas of a person’s life which are connected to Moon. Let us take a look at what Moon signifies.
A study of the famous Vedic astrology tomes tells us that Moon represents the mind, heart, mother, beauty, saturation of blood, Blood Plasma, young women, perfumes, fickle mindedness, watery substances, lakes and seas. She has a very lustful temperament.
The organs of the body ruled by Moon are the arteries, nerves, brain, fat, stomach, uterus, bladder, breasts, ovaries and reproductive organs. Moon has a phlegmatic and windy nature.
Strength of Moon
Moon has two sources of strength. One is the strength by virtue of her placement with respect to Sun. She is strongest when diametrically opposite to Sun. This is the full Moon day when she is brightest and most beneficial. She is at her weakest when she is at the same degree as Sun. This corresponds to the no Moon day and Moon does not have any strength to do any good.
The second source of Moon’s strength is by virtue of her placement in her sign of exaltation. Moon becomes Uchha (exalted) when at 2°-3° of Taurus in Capricorn Navansh. She has her highest strength here.
Moon is exceptionally strong when she gets exalted on a full Moon day. Such a Moon brings wealth and happiness of every kind. At the other end of the spectrum of her strength, Moon gives utterly unfavorable results if she becomes Neech in Scorpio on a no Moon day. Generally however Moon enjoys varying degree of strength between these two extremes and an accurate assessment of her power is very important.
Affliction of Moon and its outcome
If Moon is Neech and/or is placed with her arch enemies like Rahu and Saturn, she becomes bereft of her capacity to give beneficial results. Rahu and Ketu are planets that cause separation and their association with Moon disconnects her from her beneficial results. All things mentioned above that Moon signifies also experience decrease in their strength.
Moon does not give good results in 6,8,12 houses and here too the results are similar to those mentioned above.
Moon represents infancy. If Moon is very weak, there is a danger to life at a very early age. Moon also represents wealth and if weak tends to destroy it. An important point needs to be mentioned here. If the Moon is weak, then the lord of the Rashi (sign) where Moon is placed also needs to be strengthened. This is because the placement of Moon in a Rashi establishes a connection between Moon and the planet who owns that Rashi.
Linked weaknesses
A typical case in point will be a horoscope where Moon is Neech in Scorpio and does not attain Neech Bhang (cancellation of debilitation). In such a case if Mars is also weak due to conjunction or aspect of Saturn, Rahu etc or is placed Neech in Cancer, mere strengthening of Moon will not prove beneficial. Mars needs to be fortified as well. A house standing on weak foundations is unstable.
In this case, it will be beneficial to wear a large round pearl in a silver ring on the little finger, and a Blood red Coral in a silver ring on the ring finger of the right hand.
Mind and Moon
Moon represents the mind. That is why on full Moon days, the incidents of insanity in mental asylums show a steep rise. Rahu represents corruption, materialism low thinking, and darkness. When Moon and Rahu are together, it always indicates that a snag exists in the smooth functioning of mental processes. This combination signifies imaginary fears, depression and psychosis of one kind or another. Here too the Moon needs to be fortified and Rahu propitiated through Chants, fasting and donations.
If this combination exists in a horoscope, the condition of Mercury and the fourth lord should be investigated thoroughly. If they too are afflicted by Rahu and Saturn, Insanity is likely as in such cases mind and intellect are both corrupted.
Moon and eyesight
Moon represents the left eye, and weakness of Moon results in weak eyesight there. The remedy again is a pearl in a silver ring. Sun represents the right eye and his strength should also be assessed.
The lord of the second house rules over the left eye while that of the twelfth over the right. The weakness and affliction to these lords has a direct bearing on eyesight. If all four factors are strong, the vision is perfect. Weakness of one or more planets gives varying extents of vision impairment.
Moon and childbearing
As mentioned above, Moon rules over ovaries and uterus. A weak Moon therefore causes infertility. That weakness, if severe will also cause loss of sexual desire. In all cases of childlessness, it is extremely important to assess the strength of Moon and the other two significators of children, Jupiter for male and Venus for female children.
Individual cases
For Pisces Lagna, (Ascendant) Moon becomes the lord of the fifth house. If the birth is on a no Moon day (Amavasya), and Mars and/or Ketu influence the fifth house, the chances of survival of children become weak. Self abortion is often a problem in such cases. The remedy as always is to wear a pearl in a ring.
For Cancer Lagna, a weak Moon in the sixth house causes shortened life. Moon should be strengthened and the afflicting planet if any propitiated.
For Aries Ascendant, a weak Moon in the eighth house causes all sorts of problem and should be fortified.
Kemdrum Yog
Kemdrum Yog is created when in a horoscope, there is no planet in the second and twelfth house from Moon. It is a bad yoga and brings about poverty, obstacles and low level existence in life. Usually the yoga gets cancelled by other factors in the chart. However if that does not happen, remedial steps need to be taken.
Birth in the same Nakshatra
A new born who shares Janma Nakshatra with either a parent or another sibling, causes obstacles for self as well as for the person with the same Nakshatra. Usually, this results in impeded progress, reduced happiness and shortened lifespan. Pacification is done through Mantra and Havan.
Remedial measures
Our forefathers have left us a treasure trove of Sanskrit Stotra and Mantra for every occasion and every problem. One of the best is the Shiv Stuti given in Rudra Yamal.
This must be immediately followed by 108 chants of OM NAMAH SHIVAYE.
Gauri Stuti is another powerful hymn and helps in all cases of weak Moon.
Gautam Rishi created Chandra Kavach is a powerful shield against problems created by weak Moon.
Tantra given Mantra for Moon

Monday is Moon’s day and fasting if needed should be done on this day.
Pearl which is spherical and white is Moon’s representative gemstone.
Moon’s color is white.
Donate white colored items like milk, rice, pearl, clothes, sweets and silver to the poor
In the next Blog Mars.

I have not been able to give complete Sanskrit text of the Mantra as there is no facility in Blogger to do so. I have however given the name of the Rishi and the Puran from where it is taken. These Mantra and Stotra are available in booklet form from all shops which are clustered near a temple.

Rajiv Sethi

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