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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zodiac horoscope for Monday 01 March 2010 for you.

Free daily horoscope For Monday 01 March 2010. These free horoscope readings are based on the movements of nine planets, and are linked to your Moon Rashi. It is the Rashi or zodiac sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. These will not work for solar signs. If you do not know your Moon sign, please write to providing your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM. Ditto If you want to know more about your individual horoscope. Vedic astrology is highly accurate so it is worth the effort.
Health remain good and so do the finances. Happiness is how ever tinged with worry. There is irritation and anger, which can lead to a quarrel. It is easy to lose focus and go for make believe. A good day which can become better if you don’t lose control.
The happiness due to professional gains and sound finances is tempered by interrupted sleep and less than perfect health. Asthmatics need extra care. Peace and harmony prevails at home.
Happy finances, fine clothes, good health and absence of any opposition are a few things this day promises. Happiness due to intimacy connected to opposite sex is also promised. Don’t let a careless remark spoil the goodness of this day. Apologize immediately if you feel you have ruffled some feathers.
Wealth and happiness and some welcome news connected to your children keeps you elated. People are supportive of your plans. A spat with your spouse/partner can play spoilsport. Tread carefully in this area.
You bask in the happiness of good food, nice clothes and sexual intimacy. An unexpected gift is likely. You may spend more than you had planned for and may rue some expenses.
The day brings mental and physical comfort of every kind. It also heightens your mental keenness. If connected to communication or print journalism, you will certainly impress. Take care that you do not strain your eyes because these are the sensitive part today.
Mental tensions and wasted time make you simmer. Your children and spouse choose just this day to pile on more misery on your plate. Single people will see their attempt at romance melt before their eyes.
An excellent day that brings gains from profession. This is especially true if you are connected to real estate in any way. You are likely to be introduced to some elegant and sophisticated people who will be quite open to any overtures of warmth and intimacy from you.
You are able to get what you want. There is smooth sailing pretty much throughout the day. This is a good time to ask for a promotion or a raise from your boss. You may have some fears but they are not likely to dent your happiness.
Postpone dealings with state officials. They will not help. Professional complications and indigestion cramp your style.  You however still make money. Professional speakers have a very productive day.
Mind your language and watch what leaves your lips. Financial and professional losses due to what you say are possible. Sudden involvement in bigger troubles may also occur. Rising expenses and falling energy make you miserable.
Financial gains, successful short journeys, sumptuous food and sexual fulfillment are all possible today. Avoid friction of any kind as it can cause more damage than you anticipated.
Rajiv Sethi
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