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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Obama’s Good Taliban - Bad Taliban initiative will fail in Afghanistan Part II

Free Vedic astrology article on planets and US policy in Afghanistan.

In Vedic astrology the fifth house rules over a number of things, some more prominent being children, the power to advise, the emotional nature, luck, speech and intellect. Success in political field is also shown by this house.
Saturn along with Sun and Rahu is a planet of separation. When ever he aspects or associates with a house or it’s ruling planet, he tends to separate that person or entity from the results of that house.
Saturn is now retrograde and is passing through Virgo which happens to be the ninth house in Obama’s horoscope. His tenth house aspect falls on Taurus. Moon who is placed in exaltation in Taurus also receives this aspect. True to his nature Saturn separates the president from clear thinking and giving the right advise to the nation. This is not all. In Vedic astrology the transit results are seen primarily from Moon. If we take Taurus as Lunar, ascendant, Saturn in Virgo is again passing through the fifth house from Moon thereby clouding Obama’s decision making ability. The president is basing his decisions on unsound advice and unrealistic ambition.
Transit Jupiter is passing through Aquarius and is currently situated in the tenth house from Moon. Jupiter does not give favorable results there. He causes loss of reputation caused by faulty judgment. The nosedive in Obama's popularity ratings after December 2009 is caused by this transit.
Transit Rahu is in the eighth from Moon and has the potential to cause illness. Mars is also placed in the eighth house and because of this the hard work done by the president goes waste. Eye trouble and some problem connected to the anus area are very likely. Possibility of a futile firefighting trip abroad is not ruled out.
The president will get a respite after May 02 this year when his popularity begins a slow and imperceptible climb back.
The horoscope of USA
In the US chart transit Saturn is currently in the eighth house from Moon where he causes losses and sorrow. One meets disappointments, and separation from progeny takes place. In the chart of a nation this translates as disappointment in foreign policy and losses and sorrow due to loss of life of its citizens.
The seventh house in US horoscope is activated in both the birth and the Moon Chart. This indicates that the foreign relations will become extremely important until November 16, 2011. The direction it will take is indicated by the current transit of slow moving planets discussed above.
The policy of appeasement of the “Good” Taliban will fail. The appeasement of Pakistan by supplying military and financial help will also not work, just as it has not worked so far. The US help largely goes to the army and the ISI both of whom are predominantly of Punjabi ethnicity. Karachi, NWFP and Balochistan remain deprived and dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction is likely to grow and result in the division of Pakistan before the next decade is over.
Times are tough for the next three years for the US and no respite is in sight. Sagging economy will not recover and the stranglehold of the banks on the lives of US public will not relent.
President Obama is in for some tough time ahead. The period between March 2010 and May 2011 is not good for him and he must be extra careful of his security.
Let us hope that he is able to display a clear insight and a bold approach to the problems facing US. I for one will pray for that.

Rajiv Sethi

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