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Monday, February 1, 2010

So you think colors don’t affect you? Part III

Continued from previous Blog…..

This technique can be extended to other Chakras and used with great advantage in curing a disease.
Like Chakras, each planet has a distinctive color as well. Sun is orange and Mars is red in color. Moon and Venus are white. Mercury is yellowish green and Jupiter is greenish yellow. Saturn is blue, while Rahu and Ketu have the color of smoke.
In each horoscope there is a sign rising in the east at the time of birth. This sign is called Lagna or Ascendant. The color of the planet which rules over the sign in Lagna becomes very important for that person.
Each planet has a representative gemstone which boosts the power of that planet. Sun is represented by Ruby, Moon by pearl, Mars by Coral, Mercury by emerald, Jupiter by Topaz, Venus by diamond and Saturn by Sapphire. Rahu and Ketu are ruled by Gomed and Cat’s eye respectively.
The signs occupying the fifth and ninth house in a chart also become very important as their lords always give good results. If any of these planets are weak a person will have problems connected to the area covered by that planet.
The usual remedy for a weak planet is to wear the gemstone of correct purity and weight. This is however not always possible as these are invariably expensive and beyond the reach of a person passing through a tough time. Color therapy comes in very handy in such cases.
Let us consider the case of a person with Virgo Ascendant. Let us assume that Mercury is weak and placed in sixth, eighth or twelfth house. Such a mercury will take a toll of the health of the person and he will suffer from lungs and stomach related problems. The obvious remedy will be to make him wear an Emerald in a gold ring on the pinky of the right hand.
Emerald however sells at the rate of Rs. 4000.00 a Ratti. The minimum weight that can have any appreciable effect is 5.25 Ratti. This comes out to over Rs.20000.00 for gemstone alone. Gold ring and making charges are extra. This is expensive and not every one can afford it especially when the times are tough.
The easy way out of this is to drink water which has been kept in a glass bottle of parrot green color for eleven days. Parrot green color can be easily produced by using two sheets of Yellow cellophane and one of blue.
It will also be a good idea to lie down without clothes in parrot green light which can be produced easily by covering a light bulb with yellow and green cellophane.
Color therapy for sure is not as convenient as wearing a gemstone but it is a lot cheaper and used properly gives the same results.

Rajiv Sethi

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