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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The implications of Mal Mas and a Thirteen day fortnight in April May 2010 Part I

Free Vedicastrology 2010 article on world events, planets and politics....
The Indian year Vikram Samvat 2067 (Georgian 2010-2011) has an extra lunar month and will have thirteen instead of usual twelve months. According to Jyotish savant Bhaskaracharya, a month in which Sun does not change signs is called a Mal Mas - an extra month. It is also known as Purushottam Mas, and exists from April 15 to May 14, 2010.
According to Hindu belief, a Mal Mas is an important segment of time in which it becomes easy to erase the bad Karma brought forward from previous lives. Daily chanting of appropriate mantras and donation of money during this months is considered highly liberating.
The fortnight immediately following Mal Mas from May 15 to May27 is rare and has only thirteen days. It is considered ominios for the welfare of general public. Disease, inflation, dissent, violence and terrorism are likely to take their toll all over the world.
Keeping in view the destructive potential of this period any auspicious activity is completely prohibited. Marriage, starting something new, moving into a new homes etc. should be strictly avoided.
The obstructive nature of this thirteen day fortnight will have an effect on the political scene also. Possibility of a coup in Pakistan exists. President Zardari may be deposed. The terrorist network nurtured by Pakistan against India will bite off the hand that has fed it so far. The government will have its hand full with violence directed against itself and the citizens of Pakistan.
On April 14 Sun enters Aries and becomes exalted. He also comes in the eighth house from retrograde Saturn. This has ominous portents for India. Border clashes with China and Pakistan are likely. 26/11 type terrorist attacks in major cities are also possible. Price rise and contagious diseases will cause widespread unrest in India. Political flashpoints like Telangana and Maoist violence will raise its ugly head again. Bombay will experience an escalation of son of the soil doctrine.
This period may also see train and air accidents causing significant loss of human life. Land slides and earthquakes will add to the misery of the people.
The leadership of the ruling party in India will be severely tested this year. Any laxity will cost India dearly.

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. hi there, wondering about the Purusottam Mas and it's ability to help create things if u set your intentions. is it very powerful time to create for the future during Purusottam Mas

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