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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How is Thursday 25th February 2010 for you?

Free daily horoscope For Thursday 25th February 2010
These free daily horoscope readings are based on the movements of nine planets and are linked to your Moon Rashi. It is the Rashi or zodiac sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. These will not work for solar signs. If you do not know your Moon sign, please write to providing your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM. Ditto If you want to know more about your individual horoscope.

Your career is about to take off and scale grater heights. This is also true of finances, happiness and mental peace. Intimacy with the opposite sex brings cheer and elation.
For some days past you have been swamped with work and tired of the high expectations others have from you. You may not realize but it is a compliment to your capabilities. Things are about to change for better. Avoid short journeys, bureaucracy, over eating and arguments. Each of these is a time bomb waiting to explode.
Happiness, contentment, expensive clothes and good food are yours today. Intimacy with the opposite sex brings elation. This is a great day to do things you always wanted to do. Go out and enjoy.
Health needs looking after rather closely. You have been stressed lately but this period is about to end. Keep a tight control over spending. It is easy to overspend. Stress and frustrations can make you lose temper, but doing so is an invitation to more trouble.

Happiness, elation, contentment are written large on your horizon. Friends whether of the same or opposite sex bring great happiness. Ditto with sexual intimacy. You might buy a novel you have been aiming to and enjoy reading it.
Mixed trends mark this day. You obtain what you want but may be on tenterhooks before you get it. Your spouse may seem over assertive and demanding but it is in your interest to give in, or at the very least make the required promises.
Money, comforts and happiness are freely available. Everything moves smoothly. This is a day to seek favors from your boss. You will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you can make. Peace and happiness at home is another gift this day brings to you.
Avoid important meetings with bureaucrats. They are unhelpful. Postpone short journeys as you wont achieve your ends. Complications at work are likely but a stiff upper lip will go a long way in solving these. Avoid arguments with loved ones.
Poor digestion, and mental unrest mark the day. Road rage may sudden involvement you in big troubles. High expenses cause discontent. Intellectuals have a much better day.
Financial gains, successful short journeys, and professional accomplishments bring a smile to your face. Splendid food is an added attraction of the day.
Mental peace makes the backdrop of this day. Money is available to do what you want. You may decide to spend it on clothes and good food. People who write for living should be able to achieve fame. Happiness at home make it a memorable day.
This is a day that is best spent in quiet. All sorts of problems connected to profession may crop up. Travel should be avoided as accidents may happen. Temper needs to be controlled ruthlessly.

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