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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How is Friday 26th February 2010 for you?

Free daily horoscope For Friday 26th February 2010
These free daily horoscope readings are based on the movements of nine planets, and are linked to your Moon Rashi. It is the Rashi or zodiac sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. These will not work for solar signs. If you do not know your Moon sign, please write to providing your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM. Ditto If you want to know more about your individual horoscope.

Health, increased income and respect in your peer group are promised. Your happiness however may become a casualty. You are emotionally unsteady and a small argument can become a big fight. Moon is very close to Mars and induces combativeness.
The tide has finally turned in your favor. You are now poised for sound health, financial gains and a triumphant march forward. You will buy some expensive items of clothing over the next few days. This will be induced by a budding romance. If married, the pop, snap and crackle returns to sexual intimacy. Happiness blooms, and all is well once again.
Unhappiness due to obstacles is likely. Short journeys cause headaches. Money and status play truant. Friends and your loved ones are unsupportive. Frustration may cause you to take shortcuts. If you give way to those temptations, you will be digging an even deeper hole for yourself.
Happiness and contentment are writ large. Disappearance of all opposition and significant professional gains cause excitement. You simply love good food and will treat yourself to a good meal today. Social and sexual scene is ripe for a harvest. A warm and cozy home awaits married people.
Health issues like physical pain and eye trouble may cause unhappiness. You may have to spend on a health checkup. Tendency to lose temper is high and this can seriously dent your domestic happiness. Romance takes a back seat. Short journeys are fruitless.
Virgo shining, or something close to it! Money, good food, good clothes and favors from high and mighty are all available today and tomorrow as well. You are a book lover and may buy one from your favorite author. Social scene is humming and heralds the beginning of a new romance. If married, you could revisit your honeymoon days.
You might get tense because of lost documents or data. If your kids or spouse is responsible for it, there may be mayhem. This however is not a bad day. Its favorable side manifests as high energy, favors from superiors and achievement of your goals. By evening you are humming your favorite song.
Bureaucrats, and that includes policemen are unhelpful. That means it would be difficult to wriggle out of a speeding ticket. You have a choice between eating sparingly or inviting indigestion. Married people can expect a comfortable evening.
Don’t try any high wire act today. The safety net is kind of worn and patchy. The road from arguments to fisticuffs is quite short indeed. Eat, drink and behave like a boy scout and you will be Okay.
You are firing on all cylinder and producing appreciable torque. There is a lot of traction when it comes to professional growth and income. The ride is smooth when it comes to new relationships and a new romance. Intellectuals can go flat out.
Keep the tendency to back bite and flatter in a cage. It can cause damage to your career if allowed freedom. Other indices are all positive. That includes good health, money, fame, happiness, romance and peace at home. There is a tendency to splurge on your favorite objects. I couldn’t fault you on that. Not on this day.
Drive, talk and behave cautiously. Trouble is with in handshaking distance. Finances may cause some anxiety. Physical passions are high but the means to satisfy these are with in your reach. Avoid short business journeys.

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