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Friday, February 12, 2010

Free daily forecast for twelve signs for Feb 13, 2010

Free Vedic astrology article
These readings are based on the movements of nine planets and are linked to your Moon Rashi. It is the Rashi or zodiac sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. These will not work for solar signs. If you do not know your Moon sign, please write to providing your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM.

Today is a smooth and productive day which can get you whatever you want. It will be easy to get favors from high officials. A promotion, if pending may come through. A pleasant evening at home is more than likely. You have a spring in your step which remains active even when you have kicked off your shoes.
Avoid travel as much as you can. Also avoid interaction with government officials. Both are going to prove unhelpful. If dealing with teen aged kids, handle them with kid gloves. Ditto with the opposite sex. Stomach problems may cause a deflated attitude. If invited to a get together decline politely.
Today is the day to go and buy yourself some ornaments and apparel. A woman proves helpful in professional growth, so do your friends. If planning an inland journey, today is the day to do it. Asthmatics need to keep their medicine handy. You just might need it.
You may feel a little under the weather today. Keep an eye on what you eat. Some nifty footwork may be required to deal with the opposite sex. It is a better than average day if you do not make promises you can not keep. Driving under the influence is going to get you unwanted attention today and for some time to come.
Financial gains are possible today. This is especially true if you are linked to stock, commodities and metal trading. Dealing with the opposite sex will prove tricky as a minefield. If you have done something naughty in the recent past, pay back is around the corner. Try spending time with your hobby or your hubby/partner. It may turn out to be effortlessly smooth.
Your plans may go awry and leave you uncomfortable and embarrassed. Avoid all unnecessary travel. A sudden gain is possible but keep a low profile. You may say or do things which will come back to bite your back. It’s a good idea to avoid contacts with bureaucrats. Keep all interactions for a later day.
Today is a day to sample good life. A member of the opposite sex accepts your proposal of a movie followed by a dinner. You should have to money to pay for these. Overall it’s a pleasant and comfortable day.
Some desires find fulfillment but do not give total relief from tensions swirling round in your mind. Avoid all confrontations as you may lose temper quickly. Evening proves more mellow and you can anticipate some quality time in the company of some one you love and who loves you back.
A good day to deal with bureaucrats. Benefit from the state, easy finances, increased reputation and gains through friends are likely. The day is going to be hectic and you may miss a meal. The evening will be a lot happier than the day. If delivering a lecture, you will be scintillating.
This is a day of happiness and contentment for things you have accomplished recently. You reward yourself with some good food and expensive apparel. You may buy a long cherished gadget. The evening promises a wonderfully sensual end to this day. You get a few compliments and admiring looks for how attractive you look. The only thing you need to control is a loose tongue that may fire off a round you never intended.
This is a day you might want to avoid altogether. Needless running around, stomach ache and untimely meals are very likely. Those suffering from high blood pressure need to be extra cautious. Keep your wallet and precious belongings secure. Any laxity here equals loss.
This is a mixed day with the good overtaking the bad. You get some extra cash allowing you to indulge the senses fully in the company of the opposite sex. If single it could be a grooming and preening day with a visit to a beautician/massage parlor.
There is good health, happiness, and increased income. A display of temper however can prove a spoilsport. Your pride, if it raises its head will surely meet a fall.

Rajiv Sethi

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