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Saturday, January 30, 2010

So you think colors don’t affect you? Part II

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Free medical astrology article on relationship of colors, chakras and disease.
Chakras are not only the points at which the causal-astral-physical bodies are stitched together, they are also the centers for distribution of Prana. Prana is the cosmic energy that keeps us alive. No Prana equals a dead human being. It is Prana that keeps the plumbing, pumping, filtration, aeration and excretory systems of our bodies going.
Consider the case of a perfectly healthy human who dies because of some reason. His body organs are healthy, and it should theoretically be possible to revive him by connecting him to machines that mimic different body functions. That however does not happen. We all know that departure of Prana from the body and death are final and irrevocable. They are also synonymous.
The Prana enters our bodies like an electric current through Medulla Oblongata (A point just where the spine meets the brain) and travels downwards through the spine. Different Chakras then send it to different organs where it is used up to power them.
Our main body organs like stomach and intestines, liver, kidneys, reproductive and execratory systems are closely bunched together. Together these require a huge amount of Prana. To make it available, there are three Chakras clustered together. These are Mooladhar, Swadhishsthan and Manipuri.
Heart is one of the more important organs of our body and is allocated one chakra (Anahat) solely for its own use. Speech is how we express ourselves and use the cosmic energy for our own use. The speech apparatus therefore also gets one Chakra (Vishuddh) to draw Prana from.
When a Chakra becomes clogged due to improper living regime, its ability to supply Prana efficiently to the connected body parts gets impaired. The reduced quantity of Prana has a direct effect on the well being of that organ. If this continues for a sufficient length of time a disease develops in that part of our body.
The Chakras can have impaired functioning due to other reasons as well. The Karma carried over from past lives can damage one or more Chakras and cause multiple health issues.
We saw earlier that each Chakra has a particular energy signature. The rate of vibration of Prana in each Chakra is different and this causes different Chakras to have varied colors. This gives us a hint as to how a color can be used to cleanse a Chakra and make it healthy again.
Let us first of all consider Mooladhar Chakra. It is red in color and is ruled by planet Mars. It rules over vitality, self confidence and inner courage. It also rules over adrenal gland, urinary system, colon and hip region. If Mars is heavily afflicted in the horoscope, this chakra will suffer and consequently disease will develop in the organs associated with this Chakra. The remedy will be to increase the color red in that person’s life to bring it back to normal.
Red color can be increased in several ways. One can simply wear predominantly red clothes. A better way is to drink water which has been kept in a crimson colored glass bottle and exposed to the Sun for eleven days. Exposure to infrared lamp or an ordinary electric bulb covered with red cellophane will also do the trick.
People suffering from lack of self confidence and indecisiveness benefit very well if exposed to red and orange colors. Orange is especially good for stomach complaints as also depression.

To be continued. . . . . . . .

Rajiv Sethi

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