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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How is January 2010 for you? – Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Free astrology 2010 Predictions given here are based on the position of Moon in your birth chart. These will not work if you are using your Sun sign. To find out where your Moon was at birth, send an email with your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM to
These predictions are based on slow moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, as well as  faster planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus.  Slow moving planets form the backdrop of the year while the slower planets are the motif on this canvas. In Hindu astrology, all transits results are examined from the Moon and that is the system followed here.
The yearly and the monthly results are significantly modified by the Dasha-Bhukti system operating in your birth chart. To find out more about what is also going on there and also to know more about your future, please visit my website. Clicking on the tile of this Blog will take you there.
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Rashi lord Venus is combust, i.e. is too close to Sun in the first week of January to do any good. Venus represents your thought process and planning. That is likely to be derailed due to combustion of Venus. Retrograde Mars who represents wealth is placed in debilitation in the tenth house of profession. Expect some problems connected to smooth flow of money. However Mars is really never debilitated fully, and Sun who represents income is transiting the third house. You will be able to balance your accounts. Jupiter in the fifth house brings happiness on account of children. Unattached Librans will contemplate a new romance. Jupiter aspects the Ascendant so expect an increase in spirituality. The ninth house is energized so father will play a more important role. A long journey is possible.
Mars the lord of Moon sign is placed in retrogression in the ninth house. Saturn aspects the Ascendant. Some obstacles in your projects is likely. Lord of wealth Jupiter and lord of happiness Saturn is placed in the eleventh house. Money will therefore be available for most of the month. The eighth house becomes active and care should be taken about health. A foreign trip must be carefully weighed for its benefits before taking any decision.
Rahu in the Ascendant causes excitement and anger, but he also blesses you with enhanced status, increase in  prosperity, and improved finances. Since Rahu is an enemy of Moon, this period also causes mental tension. Sun, Mercury, and Venus also congregate in the Ascendant so gains of money are very likely. Some long pending plans will see fruition this month. The seventh house of marriage and relationships becomes sensitive. A new relationship or marriage is very likely for people with a favorable Dasha-Bhukti running in their chart.

Rajiv Sethi

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