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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How is February 2010 for you? Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Free Vedic astrology February predictions given here are based on the position of Moon in your birth chart. These will not work if you are using your Sun sign. To find out where your Moon was at birth, send an email with your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM to
These predictions are based on slow moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, as well as  faster planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus. In Hindu astrology, all transits results are examined from the Moon and that is the system followed here.
The yearly and the monthly results are significantly modified by the Dasha-Bhukti system operating in your birth chart. To find out more about what is also going on there and also to know more about your future, please visit my website. Clicking on the tile of this Blog will take you there.
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Jupiter transits the second and Saturn the ninth for the whole of February. Mercury, Venus and Mars, transit the Lagna, second and seventh house respectively. Jupiter’s transit through the second house brings in wealth and prosperity. If other factors so indicate, auspicious occasions like child birth or marriage may take place. Retrograde Saturn in the ninth has the potential to bring about sudden inescapable expenses. Mercury’s transit through Lagna demands that you be very careful in your speech. You may be misunderstood with regrettable consequences. Venus gives repeated gains of money and improved health. Sensual comforts and new apparel/ornaments are also likely this month.


Jupiter and Venus transit the Ascendant. Mercury moves through the twelfth house, Mars the sixth and Saturn remains throughout in the eighth house. Saturn in the eighth causes financial difficulties but this is countered by Venus in the Lagna, where she increases comforts and financial gains. With supportive factors in the horoscope marriage and birth of progeny are likely. Mercury gives mostly unfavorable results and so does Jupiter. Mars in the sixth brings about gains of money and status. Opposition becomes powerless during this transit. Overall money supply remains satisfactory. Try to curb impatience and moodiness. Driving needs care. Self control is the key to happiness in this and coming months.

Venus and Jupiter transit the twelfth while Saturn continues his journey in the seventh house. Mars moves through the fifth and Mercury through the eleventh house. Venus gives happiness, comforts and prosperity. In addition, there are opportunities to indulge the senses fully and possible acquisition of some article connected to luxury. Jupiter’s transit through the twelfth house gives results opposite to that of Venus. The over all picture that emerges is that of financial freedom which is tempered by domestic worries and delay in execution of projects.

Rajiv Sethi

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