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Friday, January 1, 2010

How is 2010 for you? Yearly Results For Twelve Moon Signs - Leo

Predictions given here are based on the position of Moon in your birth chart. These will not work if you are using your Sun sign. To find out where your Moon was at birth, send an email with your date, place and time of birth in AM/PM to
People with Moon in Leo have Jupiter transiting the seventh house from Moon. Saturn transits the second house while Rahu and Ketu transit the fifth and eleventh house respectively.
Saturn in the second house is in the final 2½ years of Sade Sati which will end when Saturn moves to his sign of exaltation Libra on November 15, 2011. Saturn is the planet of separation and second house is the house of wealth. There are no surprises when Saturn separates the person concerned from his wealth.
In the second house, Saturn causes conflict without any real cause. There is enmity with family. There is disappointment everywhere and loss of wealth. Health deteriorates and comforts decline. Life partner suffers ill health and may even expire if there are similar indications in the birth chart. There is also the possibility of foreign travel.
Saturn aspects the fourth house of mother, happiness, home and conveyance and will cause problems connected to all these. One might complain of wind in the stomach and a feeling of being bloated. The seventh house aspects falls on eighth and tends to create health issues. Finally his tenth house aspect falling on the tenth house of profession causes sensitive situation at the professional level.
Saturn has feet of silver during this transit so some good results will materialize as well. You can expect gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with extended family and benefits from the government.
Jupiter in the seventh house also gives unfavorable results. Passing through the seventh house from Moon, he causes various types of anxieties. Chances of theft remain high during this period. Money circulation comes to a halt and one feels the pinch of tight finances. There are differences of opinion with progeny which if not checked in time can cause a rift.
Rahu in the fifth house causes sudden increase in wealth and comforts. Gains occur from share market and speculation and keep one elated. Good fortune generally keeps smiling at the individual. However the ninth house aspect of Rahu on Moon also causes mental anxiety.
Ketu in the eleventh house makes one meet success and gains at every step. There is sudden financial gain through friends and speculation.
The remedial measures for Jupiter and Saturn given in the yearly results for Taurus are applicable universally. They will prove very helpful here as well.
The favorable and unfavorable transits are however only one aspect of how 2010 will work for you. An adverse planetary period will reduce the gains available while a favorable one will increase it even more.
To know more about the relationship between your chart and the coming year, call or write to me.
Rajiv Sethi
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