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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Building a new house? Don't forget these Vastu principles.

Some time back I had written a four part Blog about designing a house using Vastu principles.( That article generated a few queries. The present article is an attempt to answer the questions that earlier Blogs prompted.

  • The owner of the house, or the person who has the authority in the house should sleep in the Southwest part of the house. This strengthens his situation as the alpha male. Children of such households do not create temper tantrums. Southwest boosts the power of the persons sleeping there. If children get to occupy this corner, it is natural that they will want to assume control by rebelling against parents.
  • The head board of the bed should touch the southern wall and the sleeper’s feet should point to the north. This is an ideal situation and provides restful sleep. If the magnetic lines intersect the body at the right angles, it interferes with the brain waves and results in fitful sleep.
  • Vastu frowns upon the combined bathroom-toilet arrangement. The east corner is saturated with positive energy and is best used for purification and meditation. The east therefore should be free from toilets. The bathwater should exit in the northeast direction for best results. The water heater should be installed in the southeast corner. Ditto for HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) equipment.
  • The southeast is known as the fire zone. The Sanskrit name for it is Agneya Kone. Since kitchen requires heat and fire, it should be sited in the southeast corner.
  • The best place for the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen itself. If that is not possible, the next ideal alternative is to place the dining table in the south east corner of the living (drawing room)

  • In any residential place, the staircase must not be situated in the northeast. It can be placed in any other corner but west and north are better. The stairs should be odd numbered and should always turn to the right, never to the left.
  • The exact center of any plot of land should be left unoccupied. This holds good for individual rooms as well. No heavy furniture should occupy the center point of any room.
  • People who sleep in the east will usually develop health issues over a period of time.
  • The last house in a row of houses (depending upon the house numbers) generally causes unhappiness for the inhabitants.
  • Broken furniture, and cracked mirrors should be discarded right away.
  •  For sustained prosperity, the safe etc should be kept in the south east. It is an extremely good idea to keep some money and semi precious stones in a bowl in the south east corner of the house. Meditation on prosperity at this corner is sure to bring in more money and riches.
  • Nine uninterrupted recitals (Akhand Paath)of Ramcharitmanas remove Vastu defects of a house.
Rajiv Sethi

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