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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vastu Shastra - The Science Of Hindu Architecture Part IV

Vastu directions
The Hindu system recognizes eight directions which are secured during any ritual. These are also used to site specific areas of a house in a floor plan.
Here is the list. The intermediate directions use a suffix Kone meaning that these are angular.
Poorva – East. Pashchim – West, Uttar – North, Dakshin – South, Eshan – Northeast,  Vayavya – Northwest,  Agneya – Southeast, Naritya – Southwest.  

Some Do’s and don’ts while choosing a plot and constructing a house.
•    The east-west side of the plot should be longer than the north-south side.
•    A small plot sandwiched between two bigger plots drains away prosperity.
•    The sides should be straight and well defined. Zigzag boundary is always best left alone.
•    The kitchen should always be situated in the south or south-east of the house. HVAC equipment should also be sited here.
•    The heavy machinery or heavy objects like safe are best kept in the Naritya Kone.
•    The more heavy stuff is placed in the Dakshin (south) or Naritya the better it becomes for the peace and prosperity of the people who live in the home.
•    North, Eshan Kone and Vayavya Kone should be light. Thins and objects place here should be lightweight.
•    The eastern direction should be free from tall trees and tall buildings as these obstruct the highly beneficial energy of the early morning Sun.
•    The water tanks on the roof should be situated in the Naritya Kone (southwest)
•    Kitchen can be sited only in the Agneya Kone. If that is some how not possible, the next best direction is south  .
•    All doors should be of the same height and same is true of windows as well. Windows should all be set at the same height throughout the house.
•    The house should be situated as far as possible in the middle of the plot and there should be a walkway around it.
•    Water tank for storage of water, tube well etc. should be placed in the north, but a big water body is not good here.
•    The sewage and water disposal is acceptable in east, north, northeast and northwest directions only.
•    If a house needs to be extended, it should be extended in all four directions.
•    The toilet should be situated so that the person relieving herself faces north or south.

Rajiv Sethi

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