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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vastu Shastra or the science of Hindu architecture Part II

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Once the right shaped plot – square or rectangular – has been chosen, the next step is to determine a few other things related to it.
The slope of the plot is an important consideration. If you find one that slopes towards the east, the north or northeast, consider yourself very lucky as ground sloping in these directions promotes happiness and prosperity. The opposite is also true.
The second step before beginning the construction is the examination of the soil. Dig a hole which is one meter long, one meter wide and a meter deep. Once this is done, fill the hole with the excavated soil. If the hole gets filled up and some soil still remains, the land is full of promise and the house built on it will be a happy one. If the soil just fills the hole and there is no left over, the land is of medium type and can be used for the purpose of building a house. If the soil is all used up and the hole remains somewhat unfilled, the land is not good for building.
This test actually examines the compactness of the soil. Loose soil will come unstuck during an earthquake and even during heavy rains, threatening the lives of the inhabitants.
The second step in soil testing involves removing the soil from the above hole once again and this time filling it completely with water. This should be done in the evening. The hole should be examined the next morning. If there is some water still left in it, the land is very good for construction. If there is no water but the soil in the hole is moist, the land is adequate for the purpose of building on it. If the soil appears cracks and torn apart, the plot should be discarded.
As mentioned above a plot of land sloping towards east, north or northeast is very fortunate. Slopes to other directions have different meanings. For example if the slope is towards the south, the land will bring grief and death to the occupants. Land that slopes to the west brings recognition and fame but destroys prosperity. It is good as a hermitage but not as a living accommodation.
Slopes in other directions are not favorable either.

Rajiv Sethi

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