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Monday, December 21, 2009

Vastu Shastra or the science of Hindu architecture.

Vastu is an ancient system of Hindu architecture that harmonizes the energy field in any given plot of land with the structure to be raised there. The prevailing energy field in a plot of land is a combination of gravitational, magnetic and radiant energies and has a significant affect on the mind and body of the people who inhabit that building. Although Vastu is a complete architectural system for all types of buildings like, residential, commercial, and those built for government offices, in this article we will mainly restrict ourselves to homes and residential accommodations.

The Hindu philosophy views the creation as primarily made of five electricities. The positive attributes of these five electricities produce Gyanendria or organs of cognition. The neutralizing attributes of these electricities produce Karmendria or organs of action and the negative attributes produce Tanmatra – The objects on which Karmendria act to produce a signal that can be recognized by Gyanendria. (For more details about these, please read earlier and separate Blogs about details of Hindu conception of the origin of the universe.)

The Tanmatra combine together to form five primary constituents of this creation. These are Kshiti, Ap, Tejas, Marut and Akash, or solids, liquids, fire, gaseous and ethereal elements. Since all of these have a significant affect on our well being and happiness, it is extremely important that these be in harmony with each other and the humans who will be living there. Vastu is uniquely designed to do just that. Vastu and astrology have an intimate correlation and without a sound knowledge of astrology, a Vastu architect remains suspect.

Vastu begins from the point of choosing the land. Different shapes of plots have different results connected to them. Lets us examine each of these.
  • Square plots are the best and people living in houses constructed there get full measure of happiness and prosperity.
  • Rectangular plots are also considered good and promote health and prosperity.
  • Triangular plots of land are considered bad and should be left alone. these create needless litigation and health issues.
  • Land with five or more corners is also considered fit for rejection, unless a portion can be hived off to create a rectangular or square plot.
  • Circular plots are also considered useless as these bring about endless complications in life. The circular shape destroys decisiveness and does not allow any planning to go through. Policy decisions taken in circular or oval offices create more problems than they solve.
Rajiv Sethi

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