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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Solar sign based compatibility – Why is it a big No in Vedic astrology? Part III

Continuation of the previous Blog. . . . .

Sex is an integral part of marriage and sexual compatibility is gauged from Yoni (loosely translated as reproductive system). Each Nakshatra has a Yoni and the Yoni of two people should not be inimical to each other. If one person has the Yoni of a cow, the other should not have a Yoni of a Tiger. Similarly elephant and lion, snake and mouse are mismatches which will cause problems in a relationship.

It is highly desirable that both people have the same Yoni. This gets them four points. If the Yoni are friendly to each other, the points obtained are three. Similar Yoni gets two points. Enemy and arch enemy Yoni get one and zero points in that order.
Grah Maitri or planetary friendship is the next parameter and refers to the friendship between the ascendant lords in two horoscopes. The two planets should be friendly to each other. Equal and enemy relationship are less desirable.

Identical or very friendly planets get five points. If one is friendly but the other is neutral, then four points are obtained. Planets equal to each other get three points. If one is friendly and the other inimical the point obtained is one. One neutral and one enemy pair gets half a point and both being enemy get zero points.                                                                                                    

A high score is a highly desirable in this category as it reduces the vulnerability of the relationship to other problems in matching. If the Rashi lords are not friendly but the lords of their Navansh lord are friends, then too the relationship prospers.  

Gana consideration is next and this refers to the natural tendency of people born in different Nakshatra. Ashwini, Mrigshira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Shravan and Revati Nakshatra are classified as Devta Gana.

Bharani, Rohini, Ardra, Poorva Phalguni, Uttar Phalguni, Poorva Ashadh, Uttar Ashadh, Poorva Bhadrapad, and Uttar Bhadrapad these nine Nakshatra fall in the second category of Manushya or human Nakshatra.

Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jyeshtha, Mool, Dhanishtha and Shatabhishaj fall in the third category of Rakshas or demons. This does not even for a moment mean that the category describes the person. It is only an indication of their spiritual aspirations.

Deva and Manushya are more spiritual, while Rakshas are more connected to material life and its enjoyment.

If two people belong to the same category, the relationship prospers. If one is Devta and the other Manushya it is still a good relationship. Devta-Rakshas or Manushya-Rakshas don’t work together and the relationship founders.

Both partners belonging to same Gana gets six points. If the male is Deva and the female belongs to Manushya category, then also the matching gets eight points. In contrast if the female chart has Deva and the male Manushya, one point gets deducted. Deva-Rakshas and Manushya-Rakshas matches get zero points.

To be continued . . . . . .

Rajiv Sethi

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