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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Solar sign based compatibility – Why is it a big No in Vedic astrology?

Most astrology enthusiasts have read best sellers of astrology which give a detailed account of how people will behave as a couple. These books make very interesting reading, but still do not give a comprehensive picture of the relationship between two people.

For example it does not tell us anything about whether a relationship is based on equality or whether there is one dominant partner in the equation. It also remains silent about collective destiny, work ethics, sexual life, intellectual resonance, emotional attachment and health of the couple.

When two people live together their energies interact. This interaction can be synergistic or detrimental and all this must be considered beforehand before going ahead with a relationship.

When we say relationship, we are referring to male-female relationship whether permanent or transient. It is important to note that living together for a length of time is essentially a marriage.

For any relationship to succeed, it is extremely important that spiritual, intellectual, emotional and sexual areas of two people match. The analogy of a hand and glove comes in very handy (pun intended) here. The dimensions of glove should match that of the hand. If these differ, instead of providing warmth and protection, a glove will cause discomfort and fatigue resulting in it being discarded.

What we are actually saying is that there should be lots of overlap between the two partners in terms of their personality. More the overlap the better is their relationship and happier are they together.

The popular English language books on compatibility do not give a concrete idea about whether the hand and glove fit together or not. Hindu astrology on the other hand  is extremely well suited for this purpose. In a very short time it sums up the nature of interaction between two people and gives an unambiguous verdict. No wooly or hazy conjectures colored by vague texts are part of it.

In Sun based astrology, it is assumed that Sun enters a sign around twenty second of a month. It is further assumed that Sun will give uniform results throughout its transit in a sign. Both these assumptions are utterly wrong. After corrections for equinoctial point, the entry date comes close to fifteenth of a month. It is also incorrect to say that a person born on the day when Sun is on the first degree of a sign will behave similar to a person who is born when Sun is at the end of the same sign.

This equinoctial error or error due to our angular view of a planet is in fact left untouched in western astrology and that is why the predictions do not come true.

Rajiv Sethi

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