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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The interesting story of a migratory bird

Here is an interesting story I read many years ago. It has remained stuck in my memory as it has some very practical lessons for me.

Once there was a bird who got left behind during the winter migration. She started late and lonely on her long journey to warmer climes. The flight was long and tiring and it was very cold. Soon it was snowing and the bird started to lose height. She flew lower and lower until she was exhausted and finally crashed to the ice-covered ground in a pasture.

She was almost frozen and would have died had a bull grazing next to her not decided to empty his bowels just then. As the poop fell on her, she was enveloped in its warmth and began to thaw. In her delirious state the bird imagined she was in heaven and started to sing with joy.

Just then a hungry cat who was passing nearby heard her song. In a trice the cat extricated the bird from the poop and ate her.

This story has three morals.
1.    People who poop all over you need not be your enemies.
2.    People who take you out from shit need not be your friends. And most importantly,
3.    When in deep shit keep quiet.

So next time you are in trouble and start a prayer think of all the ramifications first. What ever is happening is happening for a reason and should be allowed to take its course. Develop a thick skin and wait it out. Intervene only if it becomes a matter of great concern. Even then wait a little more. Patience has a virtue all its own.

Remember too that excellent proverb. 'Those whom the gods want destroyed, first they fulfill their every wish'

Rajiv Sethi

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