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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Indigestion- What Has Vedic Astrology to do with it? Part III

Home remedies

1. Dry roast cumin seed until it becomes brown; then cool and grind it. Store in an airtight jar. When ever acidity strikes, take a teaspoon of this powder mixed with an equal quantity of honey. Say good bye to costly pharmacy products. 
2.Thinly slice ginger and dip it in lime or lemon juice. Chew some pieces fifteen minutes prior to your major meals. This aids digestion and helps in the assimilation of the nutrients by the body.

3.    Take some yogurt and add roasted cumin seed powder, black pepper and half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Also add a glass of water and churn in a mixer until smooth. Season it with a little rock salt. Drink it as often as you like. It is an excellent remedy against hyperacidity and bloated stomach.
4.If all this is not possible, just walk into a grocery store and buy mint leaves. Slowly chew on these and let the juices mix with saliva, then swallow. Acidity will disappear after about twenty minutes.
5.Avoid too much ice in your drinks. This interferes with the acid formation process in the stomach.

One remedy from Astrology
Every Thursday, take a Kilogram (2.35 pounds approximately) of wheat and some mustard oil. Wet hands with mustard oil and slowly rub it on a fistful of wheat so that it gets a thin coating of oil. Do this for the entire quantity of wheat. Once this is done, feed it to a cow. Do this for five Thursdays. The digestive disorders will disappear.
Please note that,
• The mustard oil coating on wheat should be really light.
• The oil has to be applied by rubbing wheat between your palms which have been made wet with mustard oil. This is important. Other methods will not work.
• There should be no gap between two Thursdays. The ritual works best when performed consecutive Thursdays without letup.
Rajiv Sethi
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