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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indigestion- What Has Vedic Astrology to do with it? Part II

The fifth house in a horoscope rules over stomach and heart. For healthy digestion, a strong fifth house and its lord are a precondition. If malefic planets influence the fifth house or the fifth lord, the stomach and digestion suffer.(Heart and blood pressure will also suffer provided moon is involved)

The sixth house rules over the small intestine and has a direct bearing on how we digest and process our diet. Any weakness in the ability of the small intestine to assimilate food will allow undigested food to pass through our body without imparting any nutrition to it. This can cause diseases related to malnutrition.

The sixth house rules over the large intestine also and if a problem develops here, the fecal matter is unable to pass through. We call this constipation and in chronic cases it causes great damage to body.

Liver is ruled over by Jupiter and the strength or weakness of Jupiter has a direct bearing on the capacity of liver to perform its job in the best possible way. Jupiter also represents the pancreas.

The role of Leo and Virgo

We talked about the fifth and sixth houses as being pivotal to healthy digestion. The fifth and the sixth signs too assume importance as they are the fifth and sixth houses in the natural horoscope.

If Sun is weak in Shad and Vimshopak Bal, is afflicted by Rahu, Saturn etc. or is placed in the eighth house, the ability of the stomach to perform its three functions will be eroded. This will result in hyperacidity, heartburn, gas formation and frequent belching.

Mercury in a similar situation causes impaired peristaltic movement, and inability of the small intestine to extract all nutrients from food. It also results in constipation and a host of diseases in other parts of the body.

Astrological diagnosis of causes of indigestion

In a chart, if the lord of the Ascendant, the fifth and sixth houses are afflicted and Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are also not fully strong, it is certain that the individual suffers from digestive disorders. It becomes important to look at the strengths of all planets involved very carefully. 

In the chart given above, take a look at the Ascendant lord Mercury, fifth lord Saturn, Jupiter and Sun. Mercury is placed in the twelfth house in Rahu-Ketu axis and is rendered weak. Fifth lord Saturn is placed in Neech Rashi in the Navansh chart and is also unable to give full benefits. This Neech Saturn aspects Jupiter and afflicts him. Finally Sun the natural significator for the fifth house is also afflicted because of two reasons. Firstly he is at the end of the sign and secondly because Rahu aspects him.  

The person has suffered from weak digestion and hyperacidity for the whole of his life and can only digest very bland food. 

Remedies for indigestion
Once the weakness of one or more planets causing digestive disorders is established, we have to find ways to strengthen these. If the Mool Trikon Rashi of the fifth lord does not fall in the sixth or eighth houses, the patient can be safely advised to wear the gemstone representing that planet.

The sixth lord can not be strengthened through a gemstone. For that we have to chant the Mantra connected to that planet.

If problem is due to weak Sun, Mercury or Jupiter, then too one must decide the best course keeping in mind the house lordships of these planets.

In case Rahu and Saturn happen to be the afflicting planets, their remedies need to be performed keeping in mind the house in which these are placed.

In our next blog we shall look at some other remedies for indigestion that work well.
Rajiv Sethi
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