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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to choose your profession? And change it if you are in a wrong one. Part VI

The planets placed in the tenth house produce results as given below under each heading. If the tenth house does not have any planet, we take the lord of the sign in which the tenth lord is placed in the Navansh chart. This planet is called Navansh Lord.
The results of various planets becoming Navansh lord are as given below.
The person concerned can earn through professions connected to perfumes, gold, wool, medicines and pharmaceuticals.
He is also successful as a doctor, healer, pharmacist, nurse or a drugstore owner.
Other professions suited to him are becoming a minister or advisor of defense related matters, big contractor etc.

The person gains from agriculture, liquids, pearl and corals, clothes etc.

Mars gives success in the following professions. Metal trade, metal forgings, metal parts, firearms, fireworks, fireman, engineer, foreman, military and police force, criminal lawyer, robbery, acrobat etc.

A person with Mercury associated with the tenth house, has the potential to become a successful writer, poet, mathematician, astrologer, priest, preacher, painter and artisan.


Jupiter connected to the tenth house promises success in archeology, history, preaching and proselytizing, overseeing a religious institution, judge in the court of law and as a senior lawyer.

The person enjoys success in professions connected to jewelry, livestock trading, milk and butter trade, hotel and restaurant business, fruits and fruit trading. Venus always shows gains through women.

Saturn brings success through professions connected to timber, wood, leather, trade unions and as lawyer.

The degree of success in the profession will depend on the strength of the planet concerned. A strong planet will eventually take a person to the epitome of his trade. 


Rajiv Sethi

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  1. please writeabout those born in the mula nakshatra


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