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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to choose your profession? And change it if you are in a wrong one. Part-V

In the previous Blog we saw that Rashis and Planets can be grouped in different ways. Let us now see how we can use this information. The first step would be to examine the strength of planets in a horoscope and select the strongest one. Having done that we have to ascertain which category he belongs to, and in which Rashi (sign) he is placed.

In the third step we note down the category in which the Ascendant and the tenth house fall. This three step examination will reveal the predominance of one of the Tattwa or category in the chart.

If the Tattwa predominating is Fiery, the owner of the chart does well in professions that require intellect and mental agility. Such people are brilliant, diligent, courageous and mechanically oriented.

Earth element in predominance indicates success in professions requiring physical labor and hard work. Farming, construction industry, real estate and politics are professions that suit these people best.

A major influence of Airy element indicates success in literary areas, consulting, artistic, media related and publishing fields.

Finally a heavy influence of water element points to a changeable nature and frequently changing professions. It gives success in professions related to beverages, liquids, travel industry and shipping.

Use of tenth house in determining profession

Sages from ancient times like Garg and Varahmihir have opined that tenth house is the key determinant of profession. Tenth house from which ever is the stronger house between Lagna or Moon should be used for this purpose.

If tenth house is not populated or aspected by even one planet, it bodes ill for professional success. At least one planet makes one grow in social standing over a period of time. The degree of growth depends upon the strength of the planet. If the planet is exalted, in Mool Trikon or own Rashi the results are good. A planet in Neech Rashi also contributes to success but there is no stability.

Sun in the tenth house bestows ancestral property from the side of father. Moon here brings maternal property. Mercury brings wealth through friends. Jupiter in the tenth house gets help and benefits through brothers while Venus does the same thing through a woman. Saturn being the service oriented planet blesses one with benefits through loyal employees.

To be continued. . . . . . .

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