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Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to choose your profession? And change it if you are in a wrong one. Part III

Continuation of the previous Blog. . . .

For example, consider a chart where for Virgo Lagna (ascendant), Lord Mercury is placed in the Navansh chart in Aries. Then if Mars (lord of Aries) is placed with Venus (ninth lord) in the birth chart, in any one of the 1,4,7,10,5 or 9 houses, the person will have self earned, high quality wealth. The element of self earned wealth coming from the Navansha lord of the sign in which Lagna Lord is placed.

In a similar vein if Lagna Lord, second and eleventh lords congregate in 1,4,7,10,5 or 9 houses and this combination is under aspect of a benefic planet, then too the person has huge amount of self earned wealth.

There is one common thread running through the Yoga mentioned above. The second and eleventh house should be conjunct with Lagna and placed in the Kendra or Trikon houses to be able to produce wealth. There is a special reason for that.

If the eleventh house of gain is connected to the second house of wealth, then a synergy develops in the two streams of money. Consider the profession of banking for example. Here, a person earns money by lending it at interest. The money earned and saved is now in the domain of second house which is connected to the eleventh house of earning so this money is now lent again to earn more money and so on. With each cycle there is an increase in wealth.

Let us take another profession of real estate. For a person to be successful as a realtor, the fourth house and its lord should be strong. Mars the significator for constructed buildings should be strong as well. If the person wants to deal in land transactions then it is important to have a strong Saturn also, as he signifies land. Most importantly, there should be a relationship between the Lagna, fourth, second and eleventh house lords. A person then becomes a self made millionaire.

A simple connection between Lagna and second lord also gives self earned wealth. 

Special case of Leo and Aquarius Lagna
These two Lagna have a special characteristic. For both ascendants, the same planet becomes the lord of the second and eleventh houses. For Leo this planet is Mercury and for Aquarius, Jupiter. The second house is the house of value and for these two Lagna Mercury and Jupiter become the planets of value. They add value to whichever planets they associate with.

For example if for Leo Lagna, Mercury associates with the tenth Lord, he will add value to the house of profession by giving a high quality job, which pays well and gives status in society. Mercury joining the ninth lord will give a wealthy father and benefits from him. Same is true of Jupiter for Aquarius Ascendant also.

As always the strength of Mercury or Jupiter  in Navansh, Shad bal, Shodash Varga, Ashtak Varga and Isht/Kasht Phal need to be ascertained. A weak planet will not allow the individual to prosper. In such cases it is advisable for the person concerned to perform the appropriate remedial measures and not pin his hopes very high about becoming wealthy.

To be continued.

Rajiv Sethi

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