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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to choose your profession? And change it if you are in a wrong one. Part II

Continuation of previous Blog. . . .

Conditions for professional success and wealth
For professional success it is necessary that all three houses the tenth, the second and the eleventh be strong. A person will then earn well without working very hard, and also be able to convert his earning to wealth. If the second house is strong and the eleventh weak, money will be saved but with difficulty and over an extended period of time. If The eleventh house is strong and the second weak, money will be earned easily but will be squandered away. It will not get converted to wealth.

The extent of financial gains

It is very often seen that people with identical yoga have varying financial success. This mainly happens because the strength of the planets making a yoga differs. Planets placed in their exaltation sign, Mool Trikon sign and own sign will give steadily decreasing results. The best results being connected to exaltation sign.

Other considerations

In all three houses the second, tenth and eleventh mentioned above the results of the planet ruling over that house will materialize first, followed by the planet placed in that house and finally the planet aspecting that house.

If the second house lord is placed in the eleventh and eleventh lord is placed in the second house, they give increasingly beneficial results. Similar results take place when these lords are placed in their own houses.

If Mars, Mercury and Saturn happen to own the second or the eleventh house and they get placed in the second, fourth and seventh house respectively, they lose their ability to give beneficial results. In other words, Mars becomes weak in the second, Mercury in the fourth and Saturn in the seventh house.

If any four planets are placed in their own houses in the chart, the person becomes prosperous. This is true for the third, sixth, eighth and twelfth lords also.

Self earned or inherited wealth?

Bill Gates earned his stupendous wealth through his own efforts. His heirs will have it available to them on a diamond encrusted gold platter. Naturally the yoga for two kinds of wealth will differ.

Lagna or Ascendant represents the body and personality of the individual. If the two house of gains and prosperity are somehow connected to the Lagna Lord, the wealth is self earned.

Luck is an integral part of success in any field. The ninth house in a horoscope represents good fortune due to past life Karma. If the lord of the Navansh sign in which the Lagna lord is placed in the Navansh chart is connected to the ninth lord and placed either in the Kendra or Trikon house, the person has considerable wealth.

Rajiv Sethi

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