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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to choose your profession? And change it if you are in a wrong one.

"One who loves his profession is a happy man" In this Blog we shall examine the factors that affect our professional and financial success. 
The tenth house
The tenth house in a horoscope indicates professional success and status in society. The strength of the tenth house, its lord and its significators like Sun, Mars, Jupiter etc. decides the extent of professional success and status a person will achieve.

The second house
The second house rules over accumulated wealth. If the second house, its lord and Jupiter are all strong, the person will be wealthy.

If Ketu sits with the second lord in the second house, he acts as a catalyst and greatly increases the effects of the second lord. The connection of Jupiter, with the second house will certainly bring wealth. This is independent of the house ownership of Jupiter.

There is one precondition though, sixth or eighth or twelfth lords should not be placed in the second house. Saturn unless he happens to own the second house should also not be placed there. These placements degrade wealth.

The eleventh house
The eleventh house rules over financial gains and the strength of this house and its lord  is a sure indicator of the ease with which money will be earned. If the eleventh lord is exalted, placed in his Mool Trikon Rashi or is otherwise strong, money will come without much effort.

There is a precondition here as well. The third lord must not be placed in the eleventh house. Third lord denotes poverty and his placement in the eleventh house seriously impinges on the ability to earn money. Even if the eleventh lord is strong and well placed, the presence of the third lord in the eleventh house acts as a fly in the ointment. The eighth lord in the eleventh house also gives adverse results.

For Taurus ascendant, Jupiter owns the eighth and the eleventh houses. The Mool Trikon Rashi of Jupiter falls in the eighth house. Jupiter therefore primarily gives the results of the eighth house, and is not very conducive for giving good results.

Similarly for Scorpio Ascendant, Mercury owns the eighth and the eleventh houses and makes it difficult for the person to make money easily. Admittedly though, this is a milder case as the Mool Trikon Rashi falls in the eleventh house. 

To be continued in the next Blog. . . .

Rajiv Sethi

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