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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Transit of Saturn through Virgo. What does it signify for people with Vrish Rashi (Moon in Taurus)

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The problems don’t stop here. The houses falling eighth from the fifth, the seventh, the eleventh and the second are also affected. These are the twelfth, second, sixth and ninth houses.

The twelfth house represents the expenses so these are curbed to some extent which is natural as not much money is available to begin with.

The second house is affected twice. Firstly because of the tenth house aspect of Saturn and secondly as the house falling eighth from the seventh house. This double wallop takes its toll and severely affects savings.

Saturn’s affliction of the sixth house produces better results and keeps the opposition under check. It becomes easy to procure loans from financial institutions.

The affliction of the ninth house is again unwelcome as it causes obstacles in smoothly running affairs.

Nakshatra (constellation) affects of transit Saturn.

The zodiac is divided into 27 parts of 13° 20’ each. Each part is called a Nakshatra and is ruled by one of the nine planets. As a planet moves along the zodiac it passes through various Nakshatra which are ruled by friendly, neutral or inimical planets. The results of a planetary transit thus depend upon the territory being transited. An example will clarify it. A person of western origin moving through middle east, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Indonesia feels distinctly uncomfortable because of the undercurrent of hostility in the local population towards the west.

When transiting India, the same traveler feels happier because he is made welcome. However he will be happiest when moving through Europe, New Zealand or Australia because the people, culture, language and cuisine are much more compatible. This is a generalized example and should not be taken individually. People differ and their tastes differ even more.

Saturn is currently transiting Virgo which spans the three parts of Uttar Phalguni, all four parts of Hast and two parts of Chitra Nakshatra. Uttar Phalguni is ruled by Sun, Hast by Moon and Chitra by Mars. All these planets are enemy to Saturn. The results of the transit will therefore be felt very acutely by individuals born in Vrish Rashi (Moon in Taurus).

Shani Charan Vichar – Consideration of the Saturn’s feet during transit

Saturn transits the fifth house from Moon and so according to rules laid down his results will also include some good features. The two and a half year period will also bring about gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with extended family, and gains from government. These will materialize due to affliction of 12th and sixth house. Both houses represent the negatives in life and their affliction gives rise to positivity.

How to negate the negative results?

In view of the transit of Saturn through your fifth house in the Moon Chart, please do the following.

1.    Chant the following mantra at least 108 times every day, and visit a Shani temple every Saturday regularly.


2.    Wear a ring made from the right front foot horse shoe of a black horse.

3.    Offer, black Til or sesame seeds, Urad Dal, Gur and mustard oil to a statue of lord Saturn in a temple.

4.    Chant Pipplad Uvaach every day.

5.    Chant the following ten names of Saturn every morning and night.

Konastha, Pinglo, Babhru, Krishna, Rodrantako, Yama, Soury, Shanaishar, Mand, Pippla.

6. For people of Hindu faith, daily recitation of “Sundar Kand” from Ram Charit Manas and offering of milk-water mixture on a Shiv Ling every Monday is very effective.

These measures will help a great deal in easing your personal and professional problems.


Rajiv Sethi

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