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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Transit of Saturn through Virgo. What does it signify for people with Vrish Rashi (Moon in Taurus)

The transit of Saturn through the fifth house is a momentous event in the life of most people. It is a vexing transit and brings a host of problems in its wake. Everything that a person desires in life comes under stress and seems to slip away from his grasp. Let us examine why it happens and what kind of damage is likely.

In Vedic astrology the results of planetary transits are always considered from Lunar ascendant. The sign where Moon is placed in the birth chart is taken as ascendant and the rest of the planets are arranged in the order in which they are placed in the birth chart. The chart given here is for (Vrish Rashi), Moon in Taurus. Saturn is transiting Virgo which falls in the fifth house from ascendant.

Saturn is a planet of separation and disconnects the person from the significations of the houses and planets he influences. Saturn looks at (aspects) the third, the seventh and the tenth house from where he is placed, and true to his nature separates the person from the fruits of these houses. The house that he is transiting suffers the same fate.

In the chart given here, the fifth house is colored yellow and Saturn transits it. The fifth house is the house of children, speculation, advisory ability and emotional balance. All these are adversely affected and the results are agonizing.

The third house aspect falls on the seventh house which represents the life partner or spouse. This has a deleterious affect on the relationship by way of impaired health of partner and frequent arguments. Domestic happiness gets shattered as a result. If the relationship is already weak this transit can cause a permanent separation.

The seventh house aspect of Saturn falls on the eleventh house of financial gains. Saturn separates the individual from regular income and money supply dwindles to a trickle. This is an adverse period for the elder siblings as well.

The tenth house aspect of Saturn falls on the second house of accumulated money or wealth. As income dries up, one is forced to dip into the savings to keep life going. Slowly Saturn begins to separate the individual from his stored wealth, and there is a steady hemorrhaging of money from the bank accounts. If one is not careful, he may see the credit cards becoming maxed out, and bankruptcy staring him in the face.   

The problems don’t stop here. The houses falling eighth from the fifth, the seventh, the eleventh and the second are also affected. These are the twelfth, second, sixth and ninth. In the next Blog we shall take a look at what these houses stand for and what happens when they are adversely affected by Saturn.

Rajiv Sethi

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