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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reincarnation – What It Is, And More Importantly Does It Really exist? Part V

We saw above that as the universal spirit divides, it gets the idea of separate existence. The part that breaks away – our soul – develops a sense of identity of its own. This sense of separate identity is called ego. It is a very useful and at the same time very problematical idea. As soul gets enveloped in first the astral and then the physical body, this sense of being separate from universal spirit, helps by identifying with the human body. Ego is necessary if one is to take good care of one’s body and keep it well fed, well cared for and healthy. The problem arises when soul is fully under the control of ego and completely forgets that it is a spark of divinity. It then becomes totally enamored with the body and remains busy in catering to the new desires that spring up daily.

The soul becomes quite like an actor who is otherwise sane, but develops some oddities of character when playing the part of a schizophrenic for a long period of time. Role playing is good as long as it is an act. When role playing becomes the role itself, that is where the problems begin.

We have seen earlier that the soul in enveloped by the causal body, which in turn is enclosed by the astral body. This combination is strong, secure and inviolate. No matter what happens in the universe it sustains.

This combination is electromagnetic in nature and acts like the storage system of a computer. Every thought that we think and every action that we perform is continuously written on this media in real time. At the time of death, our physical body is destroyed but a record of our activities is carried forward stored securely on this media.

The Karmic data that we generate is huge and can not be expended in one lifetime. It keeps getting accumulated and is called Sanchit Karma. (Sanchit literally translates as accumulated)

A small portion of Sanchit Karma which can be worked out in a single life time is called Prarabdh Karma. It is this small portion that decides what kind of a life we shall have. If we have caused anguish and misery to people, we shall be presented with circumstances where we shall receive identical treatment from them to know by first hand experience that hurting others is bad.

The happiness that we spread and the joy that we gave to people will be rewarded as well. It will come to us in the form of sound health, peace and prosperity.

Prarabdh Karma is basically a software program which becomes operational with the fertilization of the egg. The soul that enters the vehicle thus created will decide the looks, personality, health and other parameters of the life of the infant that comes out of the womb at the end of the pregnancy.

The human genome has genes that decide the structure of the body and its appearance. These genes are switched on or off by the Prarabdh Karma to give a shape and personality to the individual. If an individual is to suffer the loss of a limb or sensory organ from birth onwards, the software will stop the growth of related organ right from the beginning. The software also controls the genes that decide, skin color and skin tone, height, health etc. In short it controls every aspect of our body and mind.

Some people are bright and sunny while some others are gloomy and pessimistic. It depends upon our brain chemistry and this too is decided by the Prarabdh Karma we have brought forward from previous life.

To be continued. . . .

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