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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reincarnation – What It Is, And More Importantly Does It Really exist? Part III

Continuation of the previous Blog. . . .

We see this everyday around us. In a dysfunctional marriage, one partner suffers physical and emotional abuse for years without thinking of leaving, then one day wakes up and leaves for good. The question is why wasn’t this done right after the abuse began? Why did he/she have to wait? The answer again lies in the Karmic theory. The hurt that was endured in this life was the exact equivalent of what this person had dished out to the brutal partner in the past incarnations. The accounts were just getting even and neither party could walk away due to myriad reasons.

We know of children who are cherished and lovingly raised by their parents. We also know of infants left in a wicker basket at a church door. They go from one foster parent to another, never realizing what parental love and affection mean.

There is sometimes a twist to this tale. Some infants are adopted by a couple who dote on them and provide them the best of everything.

Immediately after the creation of Bangla Desh in 1971, there was a huge number of infants who had been abandoned by their mothers due to social pressures. These babies were adopted by people in the west and given a very comfortable life, something that their mothers could never have imagined. These babies were never to know their biological parents because there was no Karmic quantum to be exchanged with them.

There was however a whole lot of Karma left unfinished with couples who adopted them. Since it had to be expended, adoption was the only way out and it happened.

If one asks childless couples who have adopted children in an orphanage, they all say that they were somehow strongly attracted to the child they adopted. Something drew them together. Picking up one child in a group of many may seem random, but in reality it is the attraction caused by the contract of unfinished Karma. In Sanskrit we call it “Rin-Anubandhan” and it translates as “contract of loans”. Loan refers to the unfinished Karma – whether good or bad – What it means is that the people we come into contact with, are the people with whom we have yet to expend some Karma with. We shall receive from, and give to a relationship exactly what we have received in past lives.

This endless cycle needs to be severed at some point, and that is where the forgiveness comes in. If instead of retaliating we forgive, we have stepped out of that cycle, and having absorbed and digested the initial pain emerged stronger and more evolved beings.

Breaking the cycle of birth, death and rebirth is central to the teaching of the Hindu civilization. Ashtang Yog and Raj Yog are the offspring’s of this central thought. A major portion of Ved, Puran(s) and Upanishad(s) is devoted to achieving emancipation.

To be continued. . . . .

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