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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reincarnation – What It Is, And More Importantly Does It Really exist? Part II

Continuation of previous Blog. . . .

When we perform an action, it generates a good or bad feeling in the mind of a person who is the recipient of our actions. Good Karma creates happiness. Bad Karma causes pain, grief and agony in other people. Karma whether good or bad is an energy signature which can not be destroyed until it’s consequences are suffered or enjoyed in the present of future lives.

Why should there be suffering or enjoyment of past actions?

If I punched a world heavy weight champion on his nose, the retaliation will be swift. I would be knocked senseless immediately. My action would be met by an immediate reaction. I would realize by personal experience that inflicting pain is a bad idea.

There may be a different scenario where I punch him, run away and escape immediate retribution. I may elude him for a while but when he catches up with me, he will flatten me.

Let us take a case where I migrate to another country and elude detection until I die. Have I beaten the system? Not by a long shot. In this case, the champ and I shall meet again and I would be made to realize that causing pain is bad. It is quite another thing that I wouldn’t remember the incident and cry unprovoked assault.

This is a simplistic example to explain the system of Karma, but one thing is sure; the feelings of pleasure or pain that we generate for other people are brought home to us so we may realize by personal experience the advantages of making other people happy. The disadvantages of contrary action are also taught rather forcefully. In India we call the good and bad actions “Punya” and “Paap” 

The following Sanskrit Shlok sums up the law of Paap and Punya beautifully in just two following lines.
अष्टादश पुराणेषु व्यासस्य वचनं द्वयं ।
परोपकार पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनम ।।
In all eighteen Puran produced by Ved Vyas there are only two main thoughts. Doing good to others is Punya, doing bad to others is Paap.

The good or bad that happens to us is not God’s benevolence or punishment. It is the result of our actions performed in past lives. God does not interfere in our lives unless we fervently ask him to. When the desire to be rid of past Karma arises from our innermost being, he hears instantly and works even faster. That however doesn’t happen to most people as most of us are too busy blaming him for all the ills in our life. West says, “God moves in mysterious ways”. This is said out of ignorance because there is nothing to explain why honest people suffer so much while crooks live in the lap of luxury. God does not play favorites. For him each and every one of us is but an extension of himself. If there is disparity, it is logical to assume that there is some other cause for this. That cause is Karma.

In the west the theory of incarnation is considered a fairy tale, but if we carefully analyze our lives, we shall realize that apparent randomness of good and bad events is not random at all. There is a pattern to it. There are good times and bad times, and also times of plenty and scarcity. These phases are read accurately through Hindu or Vedic astrology. That is what predictions are all about anyway. If randomness has a pattern and that pattern can be read, then the theory of incarnation is proven.

If a horoscope can reveal the Karmic pattern from past lives and give sufficiently accurate information about relations, life partners, disease, affluence or poverty etc. then it is proven that all the people who have become our relations are those with whom we have an unfinished Karmic exchange brought over from past lives. Those unfinished exchanges will run their full course, and once finished, the person involved will either move away or die. The hurt or pleasures that we will swap with them is a way of learning valuable lessons about our actions.

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