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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reincarnation – What It Is, And More Importantly Does It Really exist? Part I

Theory of incarnation is the foundation of Vedic or Hindu civilization, which is the most ancient and easily the most evolved of ancient societies known to us. So advanced are its tenets and teachings that only until about fifty years ago these appeared gibberish and superstition laden flight of fancy to most industrialized societies.

Hindu beliefs were termed as myths and its followers as heathens. Hindu philosophy was derisively called Hindu mythology. There is no myth in the teachings. It only lies in the mind that is evaluating it. Small minds comprehend little; a teaspoon can never contain an ocean.

Now in the post industrial and post quantum theory era, the world is slowly beginning to realize the real truth and not surprisingly it echoes the ancient beliefs of Hindu thought system.

What is reincarnation?

Theory of reincarnation says that a soul is born again and again in different bodies to go through different experiences to evolve to a level where it will become one with the universal spirit. Once it reaches that stage, there is no need for it to be born again. This merging of the soul with the spirit is called Moksha or emancipation.

What is a soul?
The universal spirit divides itself endlessly. It resides in everything that we see around us. It also forms everything else that we can only feel. There is nothing in the universe that is not a manifestation of the universal spirit or God. Soul is this tiny spark of universal intelligence that lives in all living beings. In human beings soul identifies with the human body so much that it forgets its divine origin. It becomes like a prince who has lost his memory in an accident and wakes up in a ghetto only to accept living in filth and squalor as his destiny. If he is lucky, he may one day get cured of his amnesia and return home to live a life of luxury in a palace.

Soul in its various births performs Karma which may be good or bad. Evolution of soul depends upon the actions it performs. By evolution we mean the steady increase in realization that it is a spark of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence; and that it is not merely a human body with limited capacity in every sphere.

What is Karma?
Every human being performs actions during her stay on earth. These actions are a mixture of selfish and altruistic. Some are based on pure greed for money, power and self glorification while some other are for wiping tears from crying eyes and bringing a smile to people who have lost all hope.
Karma is considered positive when it is done to help others without any thought of personal gain. Negative Karma is exact opposite of this and is performed every time we deliberately harm others for personal gain.

To be continued . . . .

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