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Monday, November 2, 2009

Medical astrology – How Vedic astrology connects to medicine? Part IV

Continuation of Part III . . . . .

We have seen that Lagna Lord when placed Neech or afflicted in a horoscope causes disease. Here is a list of all seven planets when they become Neech in a house.

Sun as Lagna Lord becomes Neech in the 3rd house. Third house symbolizes hearing, so a person will suffer hearing loss.

Moon as Lagna Lord becomes Neech in the 5th house. Her weakness will cause stomach related ailments.


Mars as Lagna Lord can become Neech either in the 4th house or the 9th house. In the first case he brings about chest complaints. In the second he causes disease in the lower back and hip region.

Lagna Lord Mercury can become Neech only in the 7th or the 10th houses. In the 7th house he causes disease in the urinary tract. In the 10th house he causes no distress as he becomes powerful in the 10th house. Still if the affliction is severe due to proximity of Mars, Saturn or Rahu, there will be disease in the knees.


Jupiter as the Lagna Lord placed Neech in the second house causes mouth related disease. As the lord of Pisces Ascendant (Lagna), in the 11th house he causes problems connected to legs, provided there is some affliction. Without affliction he causes no problem.

Venus as Lagna Lord can become Neech in the 5th house, in which case he causes stomach related disease. In the 12th house the disease occurs in the feet.

Saturn as the lord of Capricorn becomes Neech in the 4th house and cause chest complications. As the lord of Aquarius the Neech placement takes place in the 3rd house. In this case the health issues crop up in the wind pipe and lungs.

Lagna Lord and disease

We know that every planet is the significator (representative) of one or more body parts. When a planet becomes a Lagna Lord, his ability to represent that body part increases manifold.

Let us take an example of planet Mars. Mars represents bone marrow as well as the flesh. As a Lagna Lord he represents the flesh more strongly as bone marrow forms only a small part of body in comparison. Here is the complete list.

Sun: Bones, Moon: Blood, Mars: Flesh, Mercury: Skin, Jupiter: Body fat, Venus: Semen, urine and eyes. Saturn: Nerves. If a planet is placed Neech or in 6,8,12 houses or is severely afflicted by the influence of Mars, Ketu, Saturn and Rahu, he will cause a disease in the body part he represents.

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