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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Medical astrology – How Vedic astrology connects to medicine? Part III

Continuation of previous Blog . . . . .

When ever a planet is placed in Lagna, he symbolizes the factors that he is representative of; with great vigor. For example Sun denotes the bone structure in a horoscope. If Sun is afflicted, it is indicative of some problems connected to bones. This is however not a certainty, only a guess. However if this afflicted Sun is placed in the Lagna, the possibility of bone injury increases manifold. It increases still further if Sun is connected to Lagna Lord or Moon. This happens as Sun affects the body represented by Lagna Lord, or Moon directly.

Let us take another example. Mercury represents skin. If Mercury in a horoscope is afflicted, it is indicative of a skin disease. This indication assumes a serious proportion if Mercury is placed in Lagna and is some how connected to Lagna Lord or Moon. If Sun also joins Mercury, skin disease becomes a certainty.

We have seen before that Lagna represents the human body in its totality. If Lagna Lord becomes “Neech” or debilitated, he presents a real possibility of disease in the part that the Rashi in Lagna represents. This very logical as Lagna is our body and the Rashi represents the body part.

This principle can be further extended with very interesting possibilities. Every planet rules over one house or another. Each house represents one relative or another. If a planet is placed “Neech” in the chart, the relative connected to that chart will develop a problem connected to the body part which that planet represents. Let us amplify it with an example.

Consider this scenario where we have Cancer ascendant and 11th lord Venus is placed “Neech” in the 3rd house. 11th lord represents the elder sibling. Since The Rashi in the 11th house is female and Venus is a female planet, she represents the elder sister completely. 11th house thus becomes the Lagna for the elder sister. Lagna Lord Venus is placed Neech in the third house which happens to be the fifth from 11th. Fifth house represents stomach so stomach ailment for the elder sister is indicated.

Mercury is the ruler of the third house and becomes the lord of the fifth house for the elder sister. Mercury is placed in the company of Sun and Saturn in the fourth house which is the sixth house of disease for the elder sister. Venus is the lord of this sixth house and exchanges places with the fifth lord Mercury. It is now certain that the elder sister will have severe affliction in the stomach area. She developed cancer of the stomach. We can thus diagnose a disease for any relative from a person’s horoscope.

Incidentally this also proves the basic premise of Vedic philosophy that our parents and family we are born in is not a random event but an outcome of our Karma done in past lives. We and our horoscopes are closely intertwined.

To be continued ……

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