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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Medha Suktam

Medha Suktam roughly translates as intelligence enhancing hymn. It is a very ancient Sanskrit prayer whose origin is lost in antiquity. What is remarkable however, is that Hinduism has preserved this priceless heritage exactly as it was created.

The honeyed beauty of its Sanskrit verses still weave the same magic that they have for thousands of years. Mere listening to this Suktam enhances the cerebral out put by directly influencing the Medha Nadi, or the channel of intelligence.

Students, scientists, teachers, lawyers, accountants will benefit hugely from this. The rest of us will experience an increase in ability to comprehend complex issues. Children with impaired intelligence will also benefit from its vibrations.

So close your eyes and listen intently. Feel your thoughts becoming uplifted, and your discernment enhanced.

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