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Monday, November 23, 2009

Likely fluctuation in gold prices in December 2009.

Gold is the only everlasting standard of wealth. When stocks, bonds and their derivatives turn to dust due to war, famine or natural disasters, only gold remains. An earthquake can turn prime real estate to rubble in less than thirty seconds, and a multimillion dollar structure can become value less in no time at all. The only commodity that emerged with its value intact from the tragedy of The World Trade Center, was Gold.

When the dust settles – literally and figuratively - only one metal retains it values and that is gold. It is a highly prized metal in the east and especially so in India and China. The amount of gold hoarded away in these countries is unbelievable.

Gold is represented by Jupiter. The transit of Jupiter through 27 Nakshatra and his union with other planets has a direct bearing on gold prices. During its journey around the zodiac, Jupiter passes through the territory of friendly, neutral and hostile planets. It also forms various yoga with other planets in transit. These yoga or combinations either increase or decrease the radiated energy from the planet. This radiated energy has direct bearing on commodities connected to Jupiter. Let us take a look at what is in store in the coming months December.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 01 and joins Rahu who is already present there. Gold prices will therefore move north.

This is accentuated by the movement of Sun into Jyeshtha Nakshatra on December 02. This will keep the gold prices high. This trend continues until the December 10 when Venus enters Jyeshtha, and Mercury moves to Poorvashadh Nakshatra. This combined movement will drive the prices of Gold down.

The yellow metal prices rise again as Venus comes to with in 12° of Sun in Sagittarius and becomes combust.

December 15 is an important date when Sun joins Mercury and Rahu in Sagittarius. Gold prices will suddenly shoot up.

On December 18, the prices will fluctuate but end high.

Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19 and comes under the aspect of Mars. This will push gold prices up once again. Mars becomes retrograde on December 20  and Venus moves to Sagittarius to join Sun, Mercury and Rahu. This will make gold prices shoot up.

Prices will remain some what stable after that until December 30 when gold prices will fluctuate once again.

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. Thanks for the golden content.
    Do we expect the same for silver/precious metal commodity.

  2. Yes more or less the three coinage metals keep together.


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