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Friday, November 6, 2009

Infertility – A Vedic Astrology insight into its causes and cure.

Children are a source of joy, contentment and much happiness (at least until they become teenagers!) Those of us who are blessed with this gift of nature take it as a norm and don’t feel much grateful about it. A tiny percentage of us who is unable to have children undergoes a lot of mental anguish because of it.

In the case of males the inability to have children is genarally due to a problem connected to sperm count and sperm motility. In the case of females, the reproductive system is more complex and there can be a number of reasons for not being able to conceive, or carry full term and then deliver the baby.

The fifth house in a horoscope rules over children. The strength of the fifth house, the fifth lord and the significator for children (Jupiter for male and Venus for female babies) determines whether a couple is blessed with children or not.

If these factors mentioned above are strong, the conception and delivery will proceed without any complications. In case the fifth house and the fifth lord in a female horoscope are afflicted with planets like Mars and Ketu, the delivery will take place after medical intervention. Caesarian section births are often caused by Mars or Ketu's influence acting on the fifth house and fifth lord. Post delivery complications also stem from this root cause. Even otherwise their affliction to the fifth house causes irregular menstruation and indicates chances of injury to uterus.

For Sagittarius Lagna (Ascendant) Mars placed in the fifth house in Aries does not make one free from the affliction mentioned above.

In the case of males, Venus rules over semen and sperms. If Venus is combust (burnt due to close proximity with sun) or otherwise afflicted with Saturn and Rahu, it suggests that everything is not right with semen. Combustion reduces the sperm count and motility. Rahu-Saturn duo causes other defects in sperms rendering these unfit to fertilize an egg.

Our sages have given us methods to deduce if a couple is able to have children. One important technique is called and Beej and Kshetra Sphuta, loosely translated as “The seed and the soil assessment” This is carried out separately for the male and female charts. It is important that this be done prior to marriage to weed out matches which appear non congenial for getting children.

For males
In the case of a male we add the longitude of Sun, Venus and Jupiter and divide the total by 360. The remainder gives us a sign called Beej Sphuta or the longitude of the seed. If Beej Sphuta occupies an odd sign and an odd Navansh and is strengthened by position, conjunction or aspect of benefic planets, there is strength in the seed and the person is virile.
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