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Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012 – The Mayan And Hindu Calendar- Is it the end of the world? Part IV

Continuation of the previous Blog . . . . . .

The Mayan long count calendar only talks about the end of the days which does not imply the end of the days of humanity on earth. This is a misunderstanding caused by the Biblical interpretation of the end of days meaning the end of life on earth.

End of days really means the end of systems, policies and malpractices that benefit a few while harming a multitude of humanity. In the last fifty years the so called developed nations have poured more pollutants in the eco system than the rest of the world did since the beginning of life on earth. This was done to create a life style that is in total conflict with ecology. Industrialization has overloaded the ability of earth to renew itself, and earth has responded by a slow denial of its bounties. Global warming is just one of the results of reckless and irresponsible industrialization.

Excessive reliance on cheap oil by the west has pumped millions of tons of pollutants into our eco system. The present social model where a car becomes indispensable for every human being is extremely wasteful. Oil has become an addiction which is driving the engines of war for the past fifty years. Two middle east wars were fought not only to keep cheap oil flowing to the west, but also to control access to emerging industrial giants like China and India. The present opening gambit against Iran on the chess board of middle east is a step in the same direction.

The genetic manipulation and modification of major life sustaining crops and their patenting has been going on for some time now. Genetically modified food grains can not be used as seeds for the next crop. The modification done to the grain denies it the ability to germinate. The farmer has to depend upon the company that supplies the seed for every crop.

The seeds are patented so there is no legal recourse. Genetic manipulation is a way to bring agriculture all over the world under the control of a few transnational corporations.

The problems do not end here. Genetically modified crops can affect the naturally growing crops in the vicinity. This is done by pollinating vectors like bees and other insects which carry the genetically manipulated pollen to natural crops. Over a period of time the seed obtained from natural crops will also lose its capacity to germinate. This opens the gate to the worst possible exploitation of humanity by a few corporations. Over a period of time the food resources of the world will come under the control of a chosen few nations.

The genetically modified crops are so manipulated that they are resistant to most pests and plant diseases except one or two. The company which produces the GM crop also manufactures the insecticides for that particular infestation. The insecticide is also patented. The farmer has not only to buy the seeds, he also has to buy the insecticide from the same company.

Genetically modified foods are not free from health risks either. The genes that are incorporated in the seeds come from bacteria and other sources which can manipulate the human genome and cause great harm over a period of time.

These are just a few of the problems that humans are encountering. Every one of these is the result of human greed and desire for domination. If humanity is to evolve further, these barriers must go. The end of the days thus means the end of days of exploitation of majority by a minority. It also means the end of the days of the ability to project power through violence and economic means.

To people who are strongly mired in materialism, the ideas mentioned above should appear laughable. There is no surprise there. Just fifty years before Roman civilization breathed its last, the very idea of its pending doom would be a matter of derision for most Romans. Who ever thought in1939 that Hitler would die a pitiable death in a bunker in 1945.

2012 is just three years away, and when it is over, things will never be the same again. They will be much better.


Rajiv Sethi

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