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Friday, November 20, 2009

2012 – The Mayan And Hindu Calendar- Is it the end of the world? Part III

Continuation of the previous Blog . . . . . .

So where are we now?
At present, we are fair and square in the early phase of rising Dwapar Yuga and this is the time of rising consciousness. The evidence of it is all around us.

In recent past, Yoga and meditation have been accepted and assimilated in highly conservative societies of North America and Europe. Medical science which had so far treated the human body as an assembly of organs interconnected by plumbing is beginning to understand that there is more to our body than mere flesh, bone and gristle.

Hindu philosophy firmly believes in distributed intelligence in all organs of the body under the overall command of our mind. This was laughed away. Now with transplanted hearts, the patients and the physician are both finding out that the memories of the donor are indeed transferred along with the donated organ, and that the brain of the recipient is able to access that memory.

Hindu ideas of super-consciousness, space, time and matter are also finding slow but steady acceptance. These fundamental principles of creation were widely known in the Satya Yuga but were lost during the slow downward slide of intellect in the past Kali Yuga. Rising Dwapar is once again bringing these ideas to fore.

The humanity riding this spaceship called earth is steadily moving towards a much higher consciousness than has been imagined till now.

What about the chaos everywhere?

Time of transition is always chaotic, any one who has remodeled a home while residing there knows it! As the old gives way to new, some readjustments need to be made. Some old structures have to be dismantled so new one’s can replace these. Change is life and life is change.

What we see around us is the result of rising consciousness of humans everywhere. People and countries who have natural resources of energy and matter, and have not been paid a fair price for these are beginning to question the inequitable system.

World religions control the minds (and pockets) of vast number of people. As consciousness rises, these followers are questioning the hold of a few religious leaders over their affairs. The leaders are responding by more rigid and fundamental interpretation of the scriptures to keep their flock in line. Any one who has studied the major world religions in the recent past knows that fences have been going up everywhere.

The exploitation of world resources by the west and their use of every stratagem to maintain the status quo was successful initially but has been giving dwindling returns in the recent past. As long as a tiny minority continues to consume a major part of the resources of this world, peace can not be restored.

The economic and religious strife that envelopes the world will not go away until a fair and just system replaces the present one.

What is in store in 2012
Unlike the movie by the same name, the earth is not going to be destroyed on Dec 21, 2012. On the contrary, we are assured of an accelerated growth of spirituality and consciousness everywhere. One thing is sure though, everything that stands to thwart this process will be reduced to nothingness.

The west will lose its leadership in the world affairs. After 2012, its ability to influence world events through money or violence will be gone. The extremely wasteful economic model that the west swears by will crumble, never to rise again for next many thousands of years. Gone too will be the dream of multinational companies to control world resources at any cost and profit from it.

Some calamitous events will certainly take place but these would be more by way of course correction rather than a fundamental change of direction. Humanity will not only survive, it will thrive.

It would be wrong to call 2012 a cataclysm for humanity. In the long term it will be Calypso time.

Rajiv Sethi

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